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Data Scientists: The New Sex Symbol

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Last October an article in the Harvard Business Review appeared with the headline, “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” Last week Claire Cain Miller, a technology reporter for The New York Times, used the head to introduce her own story on the fast growing field of data […]

Google Targets Human Traffickers with Help from Big Data

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Google has announced that it is taking steps to help combat human trafficking – a $32 billion illegal enterprise that exploits 20.9 million people worldwide, according to research from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Google’s involvement includes a $3 million grant through its Global Impact Award program […]

Taking the Big Data Journey

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Big Data gets mixed reviews in a recent study conducted by the CMO Council. Lisa Arthur, writing in Forbes, says the study indicates that CMOs and CIOs both agree that Big Data will be a key competitive differentiator and play a major role in implementing a more customer-centric business culture. […]

Big Data and Zeno’s Conundrum

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0You remember Zeno’s famous Dichotomy paradox. Roughly paraphrased it says: if you want to walk, for example, from your chair to the door, first you have to walk halfway there. And before you walk halfway there, you have to walk a quarter of the way, and so on ad infinitum. […]

Big Data and the Humanities

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Last week Columbia University held a daylong symposium titled “From Big Data to Big Ideas,” as part of the launch of its Institute for Data Science and Engineering. Despite the emphasis on technology that the Institute’s name implies, several of the participants brought up the need to include the humanities […]

Intel Using Big Data to Bolster Enterprise Security

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Intel is being recognized as one of the first companies to actually use Big Data and analytics to improve security, writes Bob Violino of CSO Magazine. In fact, Intel’s efforts have earned them top honors in the newly inaugurated CSO40 awards, “which recognize security projects that have delivered outstanding business […]

Obama Initiative Leverages Big Data to Explore the Brain

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0On Tuesday, April 2, President Obama announced a research initiative that has the ambitious goal of “revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain,” according to a White House press release. Know as BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), the initiative is being launched in FY 2014 with an initial […]

IBM’s New Big Data Solution Identifies Problems Before They Happen

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0For Big Data to become an accepted and integral part of enterprise operations, a base of applications has to be developed that are vital to the organization’s functioning. IBM is doing its part. The company has just introduced predictive analytics software and services that forecast asset failure. For example, the […]

Interview: Lessons Learned from Big Data Analytical Innovators

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Recently SAS and the MIT Sloan Management Review teamed up to identify and learn more about those companies and individuals that are leading the Big Data analytics revolution – what the researchers call the “Analytical Innovators.” They have published the results of a global survey in the form of a […]

You and Your Cellphone: Doing Your Part for Big Data

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0That cellphone in your pocket or purse is generating data that, for better or worse, can be used for a variety of applications – everything from urban planning to tracking your whereabouts. Larry Hardesty, writing in a release issued by the MIT News Office, comments that today’s sensor-studded cellphones can […]