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Visualization of the Week: Steph Curry’s NBA Performance

With the Golden State Warriors setting an NBA record for most consecutive wins to start a season it was time to have a closer look at Steph Curry. Using Tableau Public, data author Carl Allchin produced a compelling data visualization that encapsulates star Steph Curry’s performance on the court.

Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data

A massive surge in unstructured data creates tough challenges for IT. Businesses need more intelligent network infrastructure to support their Big Data plans. The infographic below from XO Communications, highlights this need.

ThoughtSpot 3 Released to Harness Collective Intelligence for Search-Driven Analytics

ThoughtSpot launched ThoughtSpot 3, its search-driven analytics solution for the enterprise, with more than 200 new features across search, analytics, and visualization.

Why Customer Churn Should Not Be Your Only Use for Predictive Analytics

In this special guest feature, Pratibha Salwan, Senior Vice President of Digital Services, at NIIT Technologies, discusses how predictive analytics helps companies reduce customer churn, personalize content and predict major internal company shifts and directly drive business success.

Tableau 9.2 Fuels up Mobile Analytics with Native iPhone App

Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) announced the general availability of Tableau 9.2, delivering new data preparation improvements, customization for maps, enhanced security and a new iPhone app – bringing the power of Tableau to one of the world’s most popular smartphones.

DataHero Rolls Out AdWords Connector for Self-Service Data Analysis

DataHero, a leading provider of Cloud BI, is launching its AdWords connector, giving marketers, digital marketing agencies and advertisers the ability to create a rich set of visualizations for each available Google AdWords report in only a few clicks.

Your IoT Strategy: Data’s Critical Role

In this special guest feature, Rob Patterson, Vice President, Product Marketing at PTC, posits that as manufacturing organizations hone in on their IoT strategy, data’s critical role within that strategy should be top of mind and central to decision making around how the IoT will affect their business going forward.

Trusted Analytics Platform: Simplify Big Data Analytics with Open Source Software

The Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) is an open source project that Intel developed to make it easier for developers and data scientists to deploy custom big data analytics solutions in the cloud as well as reduce development costs and time to market.

How Big Data Enhanced the “Art” of Marketing

In this special guest feature, Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO of Hawthorne Direct, explores the situation that with so much information at their fingertips, and a growing mandate to determine which metrics matter most (and then harness those metrics), are marketers still allowed to be creative in their campaign efforts? Or, has big data completely killed that aspect of marketing in its attempt to get down and dirty with the numbers at the expense of stretching creative limits and experimentation?

Antuit Acquires AuriQ Systems’ Japanese Business

Antuit, a global Big Data solutions company, announced the acquisition of AuriQ Systems Co., Ltd. (“AuriQ”), a Japanese subsidiary of AuriQ Systems, Inc., a leading provider of data management software solutions that help enterprises, data centers and e-businesses increase revenue and reduce operation costs.