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Cisco and NetApp Deliver Simplified, Affordable Disaster Tolerance Solutions for SAP HANA Deployments

This document describes Cisco® and NetApp solutions that support disaster-tolerance capabilities for SAP HANA deployments. This comprehensive approach encompasses synchronous and asynchronous replication, a point-in-time backup strategy, and protection of data against corruption. Because management of disaster scenarios requires coordination, the Cisco and NetApp solution handles the failover of servers, networking, and storage components to quickly activate a disaster-recovery site.

Lab Validation Report – NetApp Distributed Content Repository

NetApp Distributed Content Repository is a comprehensive solution to an organization’s unstructured data storage and archiving challenges and an easy path to handling big content in a private or public cloud. The solution is built upon NetApp StorageGRID software, running on industry standard x86 servers (virtualized for availability and flexibility) and NetApp E2600 series storage platform. Learn more by downloading this white paper.

InsideBIGDATA Guide to Retail

Few industries have greater access to data around consumers, products, and channels than the retail industry. Data coupled with insights are at the heart of what drives this business. It’s a logical consequence then that retail is the vertical market that adopted big data and technologies like Hadoop earlier than many other industries. Retail started with diverse transactional data but is now much more sophisticated in the way technology is being applied toward gaining competitive advantage. Learn more by downloading this guide.

InsideBIGDATA Guide to Scientific Research

This technology guide is geared toward scientific researchers working at universities and other research institutions (e.g. NASA, JPL, NIH, etc.) who may benefit from learning more about how big data is meaningfully transformative in the way it can be applied to the data collection and analysis part of their projects. Further, we’ll illustrate how Dell big data technology solutions powered by Intel are actively helping scientists who are focused on their data, on their models and on their research results. Learn more by downloading this guide.

InsideBIGDATA Guide to Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics, sometimes called advanced analytics, is a term used to describe a range of analytical and statistical techniques to predict future actions or behaviors. In business, predictive analytics are used to make proactive decisions and determine actions, by using statistical models to discover patterns in historical and transactional data to uncover likely risks and opportunities. Learn more by downloading this Guide to Predictive Analytics. Launches the First Fully-Managed Data Pipeline for Real-Time Analytics, a leading provider of audience insights for digital publishers and brands, announced the availability of the Data Pipeline, a live stream of user- and event-level data that is structured for sophisticated analysis and real-time data engineering projects.

Tweet Analytics for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Our friends over at Expert System conducted cognitive analysis of more than 430,000 Tweets about the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to discover and understand what was most discussed on social media – including sports, countries, athletes and impressions of the games in general.

Cask Hydrator: Self Service Data Lakes on Hadoop

The Cask Hydrator empowers organizations to blend, transform, and analyze data across multiple sources to create an on-demand analytical view across key customer interactions. This provides powerful insights into buyers, brand performance, products, and services.

Streaming Analytics Guide

Streaming analytics technologies enable action based on an analysis of a series of events that have just happened. Streaming analytics technology grew out of demand by enterprises that experienced a strong upward trajectory of data volume, velocity and variety as well as a need to ingest and evaluate this data to quickly make strategic business decisions.

Mitigating IT Risk for Financial Risk Analytics

Financial Risk Analytics has evolved beyond a secondary regulatory and cost-focused perspective, to become a core part of businesses. Today, Risk Analytics provides a competitive edge by enabling businesses to efficiently use capital and manage risk exposures with higher confidence to make better informed and timelier business decisions. Hence CEOs increasingly rely on their CFOs and their Chief Risk Officers (CROs) for strategic advice and active risk management.