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Hedvig Exits Stealth to Reinvent Distributed Data Storage


After three years of stealth development, Hedvig emerged with the announcement of $12.5 million in venture funding and a mature software-defined storage platform that fundamentally changes the economics of enterprise data storage and management. With the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform, cloud and data center professionals can consolidate storage of any type or location into a virtualized pool that drops the provisioning time and costs to small fractions of what it would take with traditional storage technologies today.

Advantages of an In-Memory Data Fabric over Alternative Technologies


This article is the fourth in an editorial series with a goal to provide direction for SaaS company thought leaders on ways to achieve higher levels of scalability and performance through use of in-memory computing technology.

Pneuron Announces Global Partnership with HP to Accelerate Business Intelligence Modernization Services

Pneuron logo_feature

Pneuron Corporation, a pioneer of the distributed solutions category, today announced a partnership with HP to provide customers with the ability to quickly realize value derived from new big data insights with less cost and more agility than traditional solution approaches.

New Release of HP Haven Big Data Platform Delivers Advanced Search, Analytics and Speech-to-Text Capabilites


HP unveiled a new release of its HP Haven Big Data Enterprise and OnDemand Platform that incorporates new and advanced analytics and predictive capabilities for enterprises working with the huge volumes and varieties of information being generated and consumed today.

ClearStory Data Advances Data Blending and Harmonization Capabilities for Speed in Data Preparation and Business-ready Insights


ClearStory Data, the company bringing business-oriented Data Intelligence to everyone, further advances its patent-pending Intelligent Data Harmonization™ system and intuitive user application, giving both data stewards and business users unprecedented power and speed for disparate data analysis and holistic, blended insights.

Saffron Launches SaffronStreamline™, a Cognitive Analytics Solution for Manufacturers


Saffron, a cognitive computing platform designed for mission-critical operational intelligence, announced the availability of SaffronStreamline, a product lifecycle intelligence solution that provides end-to-end knowledge about issues and defects in a product’s lifecycle, helping manufacturers shorten time to market and manage potential risks.

Metanautix Launches Personal Quest Data Compute Engine for Individual Users


Metanautix, a big data analytics company focused on simplifying the data supply chain, today announced the availability of Metanautix Personal Quest. Personal Quest allows individual users to make rapid decisions on data assets of different format, shape and location using preferred tools like Tableau and the high-level functionality of standard SQL.

Database Scaling Redefined by Couchbase


Couchbase, Inc. introduced breakthrough scaling technology that substantially increases application performance and dramatically reduces costs. Multi-Dimensional Scaling provides the option to isolate database query, index and data services, so that hardware resources can be independently assigned and optimized on a per node basis, as application requirements change.

Tableau 9.0 Brings Interactive Speed and Enriched Flow to Data Analytics


Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) announced the general availability of Tableau 9.0, a major release of its fast visual analytics software. New capabilities help people to achieve more with data, answering questions at interactive speed.

GridGain Webinar: Hyperscaling Your SaaS Infrastructure


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over the Internet. Instead of companies installing software on their own servers, known as the on premises distribution model, application software providers host the software in the cloud and […]