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The Hidden Cost of Latency in Analytical Applications

In this special guest feature, Todd Mostak, CEO and Founder of MapD Technologies, discusses the concept of “The Hidden Cost of Latency in Analytical Applications” that focuses on how slow data analysis is a hindrance to yielding insights with enterprise data assets.

Hadoop: Time to Start Demanding Performance

In this special guest feature, Mike Hoskins, CTO at Actian, offers some hard won tips for how to avoid the immaturity “cost iceberg” that hampers Hadoop adoption today.

Data-Driven Decision Making in Practice: Unleashing Information to Drive Business Growth

In this special guest feature, James Fisher, VP of Global Product Marketing at Qlik, advises that the good ‘ole days of Excel and outdated spreadsheets are long gone, and savvy businesses need to embrace a culture of analytics in order to realize new insights.

How to Surf the Tidal Wave of Out-of-Control Machine Data Growth

In this special guest feature, Ellen Rubin, CEO and co-founder of ClearSky Data, discusses three ways to extend the use of the cloud as effectively as possible when working to manage the increasing volume of machine generated data.

To Infinity, and Beyond! – Scaling Your Hadoop Infrastructure

In this special guest feature, Tom Lyon, Chief Scientist at DriveScale, describes how to run demanding analytics applications and/or 1000+ node Hadoop workloads on commodity servers and storage.

Big Data Fed to Artificial Intelligence Means Great Marketing

In this special guest feature, Ross Andrew, CEO and Chairman of Maropost, suggests that by embracing AI and machine learning, marketers can turn big data into food that their tools use to accomplish business objectives.

Why Aren’t We Learning from Project Failures?

In this special guest feature, Simon Moss, Chief Executive Officer for Pneuron Corporation, suggests that if we are truly to learn from our project failures and improve, then it’s time we considered that our fundamental approach might be flawed.

Leveraging Big Data to Influence Corporate Strategy

In this special guest feature, Rodger Howell, an Advisory principal for PwC’s Strategy&, provides a number of examples of the ways in which organizations that have implemented data analytics practices to increase revenue, boost operating excellence, improve compliance and streamline financial reporting.

Big Pharma Finds Antidote to Big Data Chaos

In this special guest feature, Sagar Anisingaraju, Chief Strategy Officer at Saama, discusses how new approaches to big data analytics are helping the pharmaceutical industry address major shifts toward value-based-care.

Supporting Decentralized IoT Data with Software-defined Storage

In this special guest feature, Rob Whiteley is the VP of Marketing at Hedvig, discusses the challenges businesses face with IoT and data storage such as figuring out where all of the IoT data will go and how it will be stored and protected.