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Human-in-the-Loop is the Future of Machine Learning

In this special guest feature, Lukas Biewald, co-founder and CEO CrowdFlower, discusses how machine learning will be the important enterprise strategy for 2016 and how humans still will play a central role in its success.

Tangible Effects of Switching to Visual Reporting

In this special guest feature, Agata Kwapien of at datapine, explains the virtues of visual reporting tools and methods as an alternative to legacy processes.

Big Data Powers the Future of Mobile Discovery

In this special guest feature, Delroy Cameron, Data Scientist at URX, explores how brands and publishing platforms can benefit from big data provided by machine-learning powered knowledge graphs.

Dispelling the Killer AI Myth

As a data science practitioner who uses machine learning as the basis of many client projects, I’m increasingly finding myself on the front line of the so-called “Killer AI” debate that keeps sprouting up around the web and mainstream press.

Drowning in the Data Lake: Why a Simple Data Analytics Strategy is Better than None at All

In this special guest feature, Abdul Razack, SVP of Platforms, Big Data and Analytics at Infosys, discusses how companies are drowning in data overload and are unable to tap into big data reserves to yield maximum benefits.

Bringing the Marketing Pie Full Circle with AdWords Data

In this special guest feature, Ed Miller, CEO of DataHero discusses, the importance of Google AdWords and the need to give marketers and advertisers the ability to create a rich set of visualizations for each available Google AdWords report.

What Big Data Can Do For Your Contact Center?

In this special guest feature, Nishant Kadian of The Real PBX, talks about the possible contributions of big data for the contact center industry.

Making Big Data More Meaningful through Data Visualization

In this special guest feature, Jans Aasman Ph.D., psychologist and expert in cognitive science as well as CEO of Franz Inc., discusses the use of semantic visual discovery to make big data meaningful.

What a Holiday Tweet and a Faulty Fridge Can Tell Us

In this special guest feature, Biljana Belamaric Wilsey of SAS, in recognition of the upcoming holidays, examines sentiments of thankfulness on social media through contextual analysis.

What Big Data Analytics Can Learn From The NoSQL World

In this special guest feature, Ron Bennatan, co-founder of jSonar Inc., provides four practical lessons on how companies can get past the “Hadoop hangover” by using NoSQL solutions.