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Using Market Research and Big Data to Choose Free Hotel Amenities and Drive ROI

In this special guest feature, Anil Kaul, CEO of Absolutdata, discusses how big data, combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, allows hotels to personalize campaigns to drive returns from individual customers rather than estimating the effects of an amenity on personas or classes of customers.

Business Intelligence 2.0 – If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

In this special guest feature, Avi Avital, VP Customer Success at Anodot discusses the need to empower analytics with anomaly detection capabilities and how this adjunct is becoming a major component of the next wave of BI, or BI 2.0.

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Healthcare

In this special guest feature, Prashanth Kini, Vice President and Head of Product, Healthcare for Ayasdi provides four real-world examples where machine intelligence is helping provider organizations transform into learning health systems that are continually improving performance.

Staying Agile by Focusing On the “T” in IoT

In this special guest feature, Timothy Butler, CEO of Tego Inc. discusses the benefits of edge computing – solutions that will address industrial applications, which are the logical, more affordable option for small and medium sized corporations.

How Machine Learning Will “Fireproof” IT Services in 2017

In this special guest feature, Sarah Lahav of SysAid Technologies takes a look at machine learning and how it provides a vehicle for “fireproofing” in IT service management – anticipating and preventing problems rather than waiting for them.

The Downside of Converting Full-Text PDFs to XML for Text Mining

To get the best results from text mining projects, researchers need access to full-text articles. However, when researchers obtain full-text articles through company subscriptions or document delivery, the documents are often provided as PDFs, a suboptimal format for use with text mining software. The burden is then on researchers to convert the PDFs to XML. But that can be inefficient and costly. Read on as Michael Iarrobino, Product Manager at Copyright Clearance Center, explains the pitfalls of converting full-text PDFs to XML for text mining.

Bigger is Better: Why Enterprise Analytics Needs Scale

In this special guest feature, Andrew Pease, Principal Business Solutions Manager at SAS, discusses why enterprise analytics must incorporate scale and its relation to speed and innovation within an organization.

Uncovering Opportunities at the Intersection of Public and Private Data

In this special guest feature, Hicham Oudghiri, CEO and Co-Founder at Enigma, discusses how data analysis as a tool for solving problems requires an understanding that the answer lies within the data set, either in the form of an insight or actionable anomaly. As businesses turn to analytics more to solve their everyday issues, it is important to understand what data can and can’t do, and to understand how to identify which data sets in a sea of data can help solve the problem at hand.

In Healthcare, Automation Is Not Just About Efficiency

In this special guest feature, Carla Leibowitz, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Arterys, discusses how deep learning tools can aid physicians in determining a patient’s condition more quickly and accurately and what promise this holds for personalized care.

Key Challenges for Commercial Text Miners

Researchers use text mining tools to extract and interpret facts, assertions, and relationships from vast amounts of published information. Mining accelerates the research process. However, despite the many benefits of text mining, researchers face a number of obstacles before they even get a chance to run queries against the bigger body of literature. Read on as Michael Iarrobino, Product Manager at Copyright Clearance Center, explains the key challenges for commercial text miners.