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How will IoT affect Big Data in 2015?


In this special guest feature, Himanshu Bari of DataTorrent explores the rise in IoT-connected devices and how data collected by these sensors are exploding in popularity and destined to make 2015 the year of “fast big data.” Himanshu Bari is the Director of Product Management at DataTorrent, the enterprise-class real-time streaming platform built exclusively on Hadoop. […]

In an Ever-Changing Digital World, It’s Still All About Serving the Customer


In this special guest feature, Tara Kelly of SPLICE Software examines the growing atmosphere of data-driven client relationships and how traditional tried and proven techniques are still useful.

What Digital Publishers are Missing with Big Data


In this special guest feature, Matt Lindsay of Mather Economics discusses the current technology landscape and how publishing industry concerns are evolving to embrace the era of big data.

Extending Agile and DevOps to Big Data


In this special guest feature, Tom Phelan of BlueData shares his thoughts about extending the agile DevOps model and private cloud infrastructures to Big Data. Tom Phelan is Chief Architect and co-founder of BlueData.

The Future of Business Intelligence Tools


In this special guest feature, Chris Neumann of Data Hero explores the growing world of self-service BI tools and how they can one day empower end users to be self-sufficient.

Centralized Data Will Push Cloud Adoption into “Hyper-Drive”

daniel freeman

In this special guest feature, Daniel Freeman of Sumo Logic explores the premise that a centralized data model will become the “new” normal, and companies who are slow to transition will find themselves buried beneath their own data.

Application and Data Integration Teams and Tools are Better Together – Here’s Why


In this special guest feature, Ashley Stirrup of Talend provides 7 key reasons why organizations need to prioritize unifying Application and Data integration. Ashley Stirrup joined Talend in 2014 as Chief Marketing Officer.

In-Store Analytics for Success

Shea headshot

In this special guest feature, Jim Shea of First Insight shares his perspectives for how data analytics is transforming the retail industry past several key pain points. Jim Shea is Chief Marketing Officer at First Insight, a solution provider empowering companies to drive new product success by introducing the right products at the right price.

Predictive Analytics for the Masses – Data Science-as-a-Service


In this special guest feature, Justin Shriber of C9 advises how data science as a service opens many doors previously closed to companies wishing to capitalize on the power of predictive analytics.

How Enterprises Really Feel About Big Data In The Cloud


In this special guest feature, Prat Moghe of Cazena gives his thoughts about doing big data in the cloud. Prat Moghe is CEO & Founder of Cazena, a company with a mission statement to make gathering information easier for Fortune 2000 companies who want to analyze it.