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Do You Really Know the Value of Your Data?


In this special guest feature, Martin Doyle of DQGlobal discusses the ways that data quality is tantamount to business success. Martin is CEO of DQGlobal, providers of data deduplication software, address verification and data cleansing software.

How to Address Common Big Data Pain Points


In this special guest feature, Sreeram Sreenivasan of Ubiq takes a look at some common pain points for big data adoption that enterprises need to confront.

It’s All About the Data Use

Adam Towvim TrustLayers

In this special guest feature, Adam Towvim, President & CEO of TrustLayers, examines how organizations that leverage big data have a “data use obligation” for the wise and responsible use of corporate data assets.

Big Data: 5 Reminders to Keep It Real

Avi Kalderon

In this special guest feature, Avi Kalderon of New Vantage Partners believes that for most businesses, it’s not too late to do it right. He provides five essential reminders to keep you grounded as you aim high with Big Data.

A Message to Data Analytics Users: More is More


In this special guest feature, James Fisher, VP of Global Product Marketing at Qlik, offers his views on how the discussion of Big Data should shift much more to the user, the person using the data, the person having to make a decision.

Data Preparation: The Key to Unravelling the Big Data Opportunity

Cari Jaquet

In this special guest feature, Cari Jaquet of Paxata spotlights the rise of IoT data flows and the importance of data preparation solutions designed to assist data scientists and data analysts in making these data more consumable.

Analytics Filter Out the Noise


In this special guest feature, Leo Sadovy of SAS highlights how big data analytics can act as a filter and how it can improve our daily lives.

Data Refinement: The Dirty Side of Data Science


In this special guest feature, Stephen H. Yu of eClerx looks at the importance of data refinement in order to maximize the benefit of big data assets. Stephen H. Yu is a world-class database marketer and Associate Principal, Analytics & Insights Practice Lead for eClerx. Stephen has a proven track record in comprehensive strategic planning and tactical […]

Blended Analytics: The Secret Sauce of ITOA


In this special guest feature, Sasha Gilenson of Evolven examines the importance of blended analytics in realizing the promise of IT Operations Analytics. Sasha Gilenson is CEO of Evolven, a technology company that provides IT Operations Analytics solutions for enterprise businesses.

The Promise of Remote Patient Intelligence

Jack Kreindler

In this special guest feature, Jack Kreindler of Sentrian discusses how remote patient intelligence (RPI) uses sophisticated machine intelligence to emulate the same decision process and pattern recognition in a doctor’s head – only faster, and on a larger scale.