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Making Mobility as a Service a Reality with Artificial Intelligence

In this special guest feature, Tom Nutley, Business Development Director at Stage Intelligence, discusses how mobile, applications and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing what is possible in urban transport by exploring the concept of Mobility as a Service (Maas) and how it can be made a reality.

Customer Data Quality: The Weak Link in Your Digital Transformation?

In this special guest feature, Jean-Michel Franco, Director of Product Marketing for Data Governance at Talend, discusses how big data can affect customer relationship and how data quality can be the weak link in an organization’s digital transformation.

Uncover Service Parts Gold with Master Data Management

In this special guest feature, Gary Brooks, CMO at Syncron, discusses how big data is impacting manufacturers particularly in the aftermarket space and also outlines common misconceptions of master data management solutions that have prevented many leaders from uncovering their full potential – and counter them.

How Machine Learning is Changing the Way the Back Office Does Business

In this special guest feature, Eric Bussy, Worldwide Corporate Marketing and Product Management Director at Esker, discusses the importance of machine learning for enabling back office processes.

The Voter Model Is Broken – Here’s How Data Science Can Fix It

In this special guest feature, Michele Chambers, EVP Anaconda Business Unit & CMO, Continuum Analytics, examines the recent U.S. presidential election results, and how many Americans around the country are wondering how the polls could have been so wrong. Even Nate Silver blew it. What can Nate and other expert statisticians learn from this disaster?

Using Data to Successfully Manage Both Cultural and IT Transitions to DevOps

In this special guest feature, John Gentry, CTO of Virtual Instruments, discusses how DevOps gives organizations the opportunity to increase revenue and customer acquisition, due to its ability to kick-start development and accelerate release cycles. But in order to do so, companies must adapt their approaches to reflect design, deployment and management of underlying infrastructure.

Businesses Need a Culture that Supports Women with a Passion for Technology

In this special guest feature, Anjali Norwood, Co-founding Engineer at Arcadia Data, discusses the importance of getting girls involved in STEM at an early age, and ways to foster a culture of female empowerment in tech companies today.

Chaos and Hard Labor Are Not the Foundations of Data-Driven Organizations

In this special guest feature, Murthy Mathiprakasam of Informatica discusses the increased adoption of Data Lake Management practices and how organizations are quickly getting value from big data.

The Touchy-Feely Side of Spark

In this special guest feature, Alex Bordei, head of product management at Bigstep, offers 5 examples of how Apache Spark has maximized its user experience – its feel.

Governance Gets Sexy

In this special guest feature, Joe Pasqua, Executive Vice President of Products at MarkLogic, discusses how effective data governance is more important—and more elusive—than ever before. It enables companies to frame data according to their strategic initiatives, regulatory mandates and core principles. It reduces risk and increases a company’s ability to make the most out of the data in its possession.