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The Customer Experience Has Evolved Thanks to IoT – The Time is Now for Contact Centers to Take Charge

In this special guest feature Jack Nichols, Director of Product Management at Genesys, discusses IoT and how with all this data available in near real-time, businesses must determine how to leverage it in a way that equally serves themselves and their customers.

Making the Most of Big Data Requires Effective Training in Data Science

In this special guest feature, Devavrat Shah, professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, discusses the type of training data scientists need in order to glean the most value from big data.

Capitalizing on Connectivity: IoT Data Considerations

In this special guest feature, Jake Freivald, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Information Builders, discusses what to consider when looking for the right information management strategy, so that organizations can begin incorporating IoT data into their existing framework and begin reaping the benefits.

The Business Value of Deep Text Analytics at Massive Document Scale

In this special guest feature, Dr. Brian Sager, CEO and co-founder of, provides 5 examples in support of the business value of deep text analytics at massive document scale. The examples are drawn from use cases within R&D, competitive strategy, patent law, and knowledge management, as well as M&A and post merger integration.

In Fantasy Football, as in Business, Speed-to-Action is a Competitive Advantage

In this special guest feature, Dan Wilmot, Sr. Architect at Pyramid Analytics, explores how to unlock opportunities previously hidden within the depths Fantasy Football data.

What Supply Chain Executives Should Know About Third Party APIs in 2017

In this special guest feature, Jett McCandless, CEO of project44, discusses the value of APIs for supply chain where too few supply chain companies recognize the monetary value of an API-first approach.

Why Online Gambling and Gaming Companies are Rolling the Dice on Machine Learning

In this special guest feature, Jay Patani is a Tech Evangelist for ITRS Group, examines how online gambling and gaming companies have access to a wealth of big data created by every click of a customer’s mouse. The key to extracting valuable predictive insights from that data will be sophisticated machine learning.

Utilities and Big Data: The Rushed Evolution

In this special guest feature, Ed Cuoco is the Director of Data Science at The Weather Company, takes a look at big data from the perspective of the utility company and how they can no longer serve their own or their stakeholders’ interests without smarter insights at scale and in real time.

5 Steps to Using Data to Simplify the Chaos of Managing Fleet Service Events

In this special guest feature, Michael Riemer, VP Product and Channel Marketing at Decisiv, discusses 5 steps for the commercial asset service industry to turn lots of raw, unfiltered data from the service event management process into reliable, actionable big data and ultimately a competitive advantage.

Westworld’s Big Data Lesson: to Move Forward, We Must Be Able to Look into the Past

In this special guest feature, Pedro Castillo, CEO and Founder of Logtrust, discusses how HBO’s popular Westworld is introducing Big Data and AI concepts to a whole new audience with each episode, and people are noticing. While technologists in Silicon Valley may understand why the Bernard character was able to check legacy data against known (or current) data to find anomalies, the average viewer may not.