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Keeping Big Data Small to Create Engagement


In this special guest feature, Thomas Begin of Targetbase provides his thoughts on how companies can address the paralysis often associated with adopting the big data technology stack.

Time-Series Analysis Lays Groundwork for Improved Customer Understanding

Laks Srinivasan

In this special guest feature, Laks Srinivasan of Opera Solutions reflects on the power of time series analytics and how it can model non-linear behavior designed to develop deep, long-term customer relationships. Laks Srinivasan is Co-Chief Operating Officer of Operation Solutions, a technology and analytics company mainly focused on capturing profit growth opportunities emerging from big data. Laks […]

Struggling to Adopt Advanced Analytics? Think the Power of Small Data


In this special guest feature, Lauren Tucker of Cooler Heads Intelligence provides her assessment for why companies seem to be struggling to adopt advanced analytics and offers her 3 misconceptions fueled by the big data hype.

Six Anticipated Directions for Big Data in 2015


In this special guest feature, Chris Surdak of HP provides his YAFFTY (Yet Another Forecast for This Year) list for 2015. Chris Surdak is Global Subject Matter Expert on Information Governance, analytics and eDiscovery for HP Autonomy.

IoT Has Changed the Big Data Business Model


In this special guest feature, Tom Gilley of talks about the role that the Internet of Things plays in the big data market.

Creating Effective Enterprise Data Architectures


In this special guest feature, Moises Do Nascimento of Medidata discusses his 3-pronged approach to creating effective data architectures that have served him well, especially now that he deals with complicated, unstructured healthcare data. Moises Do Nascimento is Chief Data Architect at Medidata, a company that offers cloud software to help make medical clinical trials faster, […]

Telemetry Data Alone Won’t Kick the Industrial Internet of Things Into Gear


In this special guest feature, Manuel Terranova of Peaxy, Inc. discussed the Industrial Internet and the on-going conflict between engineering and IT that is likely costing many companies billions in revenue.

The Big-Data Gold Rush: Don’t Be a Forty-Niner Gold Seeker


In this special guest feature, Lior Abraham of Interana uses the analogy that Big Data analytics is like the Gold Rush; everyone wants to find the big nugget, but sometimes it’s better to collect small flakes and compound them into a big gold bar.

What Digitization Can Do To Enhance Your Data


In this special guest feature, Soumendra Mohanty of Mindtree reflects on the process of digitization that companies undergo to meet the needs of the digital consumer.

The opportunities for LTO tape in the era of Cloud and Big Data


In this special guest feature, Simon Watkins of HP Storage gives his perspectives on how LTO tape offers important storage opportunities in the era of Big Data and Cloud.