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Chaos and Hard Labor Are Not the Foundations of Data-Driven Organizations

In this special guest feature, Murthy Mathiprakasam of Informatica discusses the increased adoption of Data Lake Management practices and how organizations are quickly getting value from big data.

The Touchy-Feely Side of Spark

In this special guest feature, Alex Bordei, head of product management at Bigstep, offers 5 examples of how Apache Spark has maximized its user experience – its feel.

Governance Gets Sexy

In this special guest feature, Joe Pasqua, Executive Vice President of Products at MarkLogic, discusses how effective data governance is more important—and more elusive—than ever before. It enables companies to frame data according to their strategic initiatives, regulatory mandates and core principles. It reduces risk and increases a company’s ability to make the most out of the data in its possession.

Driving Engagement and Revenue with Segmentation in the Digital World

In this special guest feature, Patrick Smith, Manager of Data Science Services at Mather Economics, discusses the value of the ability to attach digital advertising revenue to the online activity at a customer level to show what content creates the highest revenue stream. It’s this knowledge that can (and has), in turn, help publishers create successful, more profitable business strategies.

Enterprise Software 3.0

In this special guest feature, Michael Grinich, CEO and co-founder of Nylas, identifies three trends that are shaping the evolution of enterprise software.

Using Machine Learning at Scale

In this special guest feature, Peter Cnudde, VP of Engineering at Yahoo, provides a bird’s eye view for the many ways that Yahoo is using machine learning at scale.

“Software as a Service” to “Service as a Software:” Changing Paradigms in Analytics and Decision Sciences

In this special guest feature, Deepinder Dhingra, Apprentice Leader at Mu Sigma, Inc., identifies a new paradigm in decision science: Service as Software. This concept is driven by the irrational, yet popular notion that one day, machines will take over the jobs of humans.

At the Speed of Big Data – Revolutionizing Shipping and Logistics

In this special guest feature, Shannon Vaillancourt, president and founder of RateLinx, discusses how big data is helping the logistics industry create strategic advantages for shippers and carriers.

The Games Industry’s Journey Into Deep-Data

In this special guest feature, Mark Robinson, CEO of deltaDNA, looks at the challenges solved by big data in the games industry and the evolution of analytics which has enabled these changes.

Big Data Analytics for Customer Success

In this special guest feature, Craig Soules, Founder & CEO of Natero, discusses how customer analytics helps customer success teams identify improvements to their product, process, and marketing and how by moving beyond anecdotal evidence, customer analytics can rapidly accelerate the pace of improvement for SaaS businesses.