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Blended Analytics: The Secret Sauce of ITOA


In this special guest feature, Sasha Gilenson of Evolven examines the importance of blended analytics in realizing the promise of IT Operations Analytics. Sasha Gilenson is CEO of Evolven, a technology company that provides IT Operations Analytics solutions for enterprise businesses.

The Promise of Remote Patient Intelligence

Jack Kreindler

In this special guest feature, Jack Kreindler of Sentrian discusses how remote patient intelligence (RPI) uses sophisticated machine intelligence to emulate the same decision process and pattern recognition in a doctor’s head – only faster, and on a larger scale.

IT Operations Analytics


In this special guest feature, Vishnu Nanduri of IBM makes sense out of the emerging field of IT Operations Analytics, making optimal decisions using data to drive business value. Vishnu is the Practice Leader for Data Science and Engineering in IT Operations Analytics at IBM.

Text Analytics: The Next Generation of Big Data


In this special guest feature, Jeff Catlin of Lexalytics lays out the case for text analytics and its importance to the rising interest in big data. Jeff is CEO of Lexalytics, a company providing sentiment and intent analysis to an array of businesses using SaaS and cloud based technology.

Five Critical Components to Commercializing Data-Driven Products


In this special guest feature, John Zuk of Waterstone Management Group LLC outlines five critical areas that companies must focus on when commercializing data-driven products.

What the FoundationDB Acquisition Means for the NoSQL Industry


In this special guest feature, Adam Wray of Basho Technologies reflects on the implications of the recent acquisition of FoundationDB by Apple and what’s in store for the NoSQL industry in general.

And This is the Future of IoT Analytics


In this special guest feature, Michael Hummel of ParStream discusses what the future holds for IoT analytics in terms of four major changes we’ll see. Michael Hummel is Co-founder and CTO of ParStream, a real-time Big Data business analytics and solutions company.

Using Machine Learning as a Data Storytelling Engine


In this special guest feature, Rob Patterson of ColdLight examines the benefits of leveraging machine learning to enhance the story that businesses are able to tell with their data. He expands on the importance of taking traditional BI tools a step further with machine learning to exponentially increase the analytical capacity of any organization.

B2B Predictive Analytics in the Big Data Era


In this special guest feature, Keke Wu of Avention, outlines the need for B2B marketing predictive models to catch up to their B2C counterparts as well as methods for doing so.

Why Marketing Organizations Need More than a Team of Data Scientists


In this special guest feature, Dr. Olly Downs of Globys, discusses the missing link between the promise of data science for today’s marketer and actually driving value from real-world applications.