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Three Industries Being Disrupted By Data Products

In this special guest feature, Sundeep Sanghavi, Co-founder and CEO of DataRPM, identifies and discusses three industries and they’re being disrupted by three popular data products.

Will the Internet of Things Displace Historian Technology?

In this special guest feature, Tony Paine, CEO of Kepware Technologies, discusses the rise of Industrial Internet of Things technologies and how it could displace enterprise historian technology.

Corralling Clinical Trial Data: The Secret to Speeding Life-Saving Research

In this special guest feature, Rani Hublou, Chief Product Officer at Comprehend, provides her views on why pharmaceutical data is such a sticking point for the R&D process.

Combating Distributed Malware Through Machine Learning

In this special guest feature, Karthik Krishnan, Vice President of Product Management at Niara, discusses how machine learning is an option that’s gaining popularity to detect cyber attacks given its effectiveness in classifying and clustering attack activity, even within large event data streams.

How Business Intelligence and Big Data Affect the Applications Market

In this special guest feature, Marcus Jensen, Editor-in-Chief of, focuses on the analytical spectrum of big data through business intelligence and how it can help with app development and most importantly with the release of new apps.

Artificial Intelligence: Bringing Humanity to Big Data & Customer Experience

In this special guest feature, Dave O’Flanagan, CEO and co-founder of Boxever, outlines how airlines are leveraging big data and predictive capabilities to transform how they engage with customers.

Why Time-Value of Data Matters

In this special guest feature, Steve Wilkes, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Striim, discusses the “Time Value of Data” – the notion that how much information is worth to the business drops quickly after it is created, and also the move to real-time analysis, although a growing trend, misses many nuances that are essential to planning an overall data strategy.

How AI Really Makes History: Beyond Hype

In this special guest feature, Greg Council, VP Marketing and Product Management at Parascript, discusses how applied AI can help businesses uncover and use valuable information that they are already storing.

Are Buy-Side Firms Big on Big Data?

In this special guest feature, Alexey Utkin, SVP of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, discusses ow buy side financial services firms are able to enhance capability for risk management using big data.

How to Turn Big Data into an Actionable Marketing Tool

In this special guest feature, Mike Iaccarino, Chairman and CEO of Infogroup, contents that many of the more advanced approaches to big data analyses are not widely practiced among marketing organizations today. In order to turn big data into a valuable marketing tool, brands must do several important things.