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The dPaaS Revolution: A New Approach to Helping Businesses Extract Maximum Value from their Data

Manish Gupta_headshot

In this special guest feature, Manish Gupta of Liaison Technologies highlights a new approach called Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) that is giving businesses a more effective, scalable and powerful model for integration and data management.

The Top 5 Data Lake Capabilities Required to Deliver Business Value

Marty Loughlin

In this special guest feature, Marty Loughlin of Cambridge Semantics Inc. talks about new tools that are making it possible for anyone in the enterprise to intuitively “surf” information found in data lakes without specialized analytics skills, setting the stage for big data analysis to be as common as spreadsheets.

Ready for Prime Time: Natural Language Processing for Healthcare


In this special guest feature, Anand Shroff, CTO of Health Fidelity, discusses the challenges to using natural language processing in the hospital setting.

Deriving Value from Data Before It Goes Dark


In this special guest feature, Bruce Reading, President and CEO of VoltDB, discusses the importance of capturing value from your data long before it goes dark. He explains how organizations can implement a fast data approach in a data pipeline before losing the value of real-time information to minimize the storage of dark data while maximizing the business value of real-time enterprise information.

Adapt or Die: Machine Learning Databases for the New Economy


In this special guest feature, Robert Buck, VP of Technology at Deep Information Sciences makes the case for new adaptive technology that couples databases and machine learning to address the demands of a data driven economy.

Hitting a Big Data Wall? How to Improve Hadoop ROI

Mike Maciag

In this special guest feature, Mike Maciag, COO of Altiscale outlines a formula for working to improve ROI for Hadoop deployments.

Croissants, Wrist Watches, and Reefers

In this special guest feature, Chris Surdak, JD of HP discusses observational bias and how it can work to taint the result of big data analytics.

Fuzzy is Fine for Stuffed Animals, Not for Your Big Data!

Luca Scagliarini

In this special guest feature, Luca Scagliarini, CEO of Expert System USA discusses the importance of using semantic technology for the effective management of unstructured information.

Mistaking a Data Library for a Data Lake: 7 best practices for developing your Hadoop data strategy

Supreet Oberoi Concurrent

In this special guest feature, Supreet Oberoi, Vice President of Field Engineering of Concurrent, Inc. talks about how companies should change their perspective on their data strategies, and look at the process as building a data library as opposed to a data lake.

Text Analytics without Tradeoffs

Caryn Alagno, EVP, Finch Computing

The pace at which the world creates data will never be this slow again. And much of this new data we’re creating is unstructured, textual data. Emails. Word documents. News articles. Blogs. Reviews. Research reports… Understanding what’s in this text – and what isn’t, and what matters – is critical to an organization’s ability to understand the environments in which it operates. Its competitors. Its customers. Its weaknesses and its opportunities.