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Open Source Software Fuels a Revolution in Data Science


In this special guest feature, Neera Talbert of Revolution Analytics discusses the role of open source software in making data science the rising field it is today. Neera Talbert is Vice President, Professional Services at Revolution Analytics, a statistical software company focused on developing open source and “open-core” versions of the free and open source software […]

Diamond in the Rough: How to Find the Hidden Value in Big Data with Smarter, Better Software


In this special guest feature, Neil Biehn, Ph.D. of PROS examines the three pillars for how to use data to increase the odds of closing sales.

Bridging the Great Divide: Data at Rest and Data at Motion


In this special guest feature, Steven Noels of NGDATA makes the case for coupling “data at rest” and “data in motion” to make for better customer experiences. Steven Noels is co-founder and CTO at NGDATA, a Belgium based firm using big data technology to provide customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. He  has 15 years of product […]

8 Reasons Apache Spark is So Hot


In this special guest feature, Ian Lumb of Bright Computing examines the incredible ascent of the Apache Spark distributed computing platform and provides what he sees as the top 8 reasons why Spark is so hot right now. Ian Lumb’s role is Product Marketing Manager at Bright Computing with focus on Bright Cluster Manager for Apache […]

When Integrating Big Data and Mobile, Location is the Key to Security


In this special guest feature, Israel Lifshitz of Nubo Software Ltd. presents his take on an important pain point for big data in the mobile era – security. He makes the case for storing mission critical data at highly secure remote location as the preferred way to protect big data.

The Elephant in the Cloud


In this special guest feature, Ashish Thusoo of Qubole makes a strong case for the virtues of Big-Data-in-the-cloud technology as a viable enterprise option for implementing enterprise-class data solutions.

Data Virtualization Goes Mainstream

Suresh Chandrasekaran--VP North America--Denodo

In this special guest feature, Suresh Chandrasekaran of Denodo Technologies examines the rise in popularity of data virtualization and the important trends that are contributing to its growth.

How will IoT affect Big Data in 2015?


In this special guest feature, Himanshu Bari of DataTorrent explores the rise in IoT-connected devices and how data collected by these sensors are exploding in popularity and destined to make 2015 the year of “fast big data.” Himanshu Bari is the Director of Product Management at DataTorrent, the enterprise-class real-time streaming platform built exclusively on Hadoop. […]

In an Ever-Changing Digital World, It’s Still All About Serving the Customer


In this special guest feature, Tara Kelly of SPLICE Software examines the growing atmosphere of data-driven client relationships and how traditional tried and proven techniques are still useful.

What Digital Publishers are Missing with Big Data


In this special guest feature, Matt Lindsay of Mather Economics discusses the current technology landscape and how publishing industry concerns are evolving to embrace the era of big data.