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Big Healthcare Players Store Big Data in the Cloud

In this special guest feature, Gerard Scheitlin, Vice President of Security, Risk, and Assurance at Orion Health, makes the case that big healthcare players are storing big data in the cloud because the benefits of cloud infrastructures are significant and hard to ignore.

Push to the Cloud: Five Things to Nail Down Before Making the Switch

In this special guest feature, John Mertic, Director of Program Management for ODPi and Open Mainframe Project at The Linux Foundation, makes the argument that “When it comes to your data in the cloud, there are certain pieces to the technology puzzle you should have nailed down with five baseline things to address – regardless of your IT, data output, cloud provider and security – before making the switch…”

AI and Chatbots: Where we are and Where we’re headed

In this special guest feature, Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior Member and senior lecturer in computer science at Ulster University, takes a high-level view of one of the more popular AI-driven technologies we have seen this past year, and will continue to see in 2017 – chatbots.

NLG – The Cinderella of AI

In this special guest feature, Matthew Gould, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Arria NLG, discusses how NLG doesn’t quite fire the imagination like AI, but it is the means to IA (Intelligence Amplification) and puts humans in control by harnessing computing power to amplify our capabilities.

Open Data Science Drives Transparency in Government

In this special guest feature, Michele Chambers, EVP Anaconda Business Unit & CMO, Continuum Analytics, discusses how in 2015, President Obama appointed DJ Patil as the first Chief Data Scientist and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy to focus on using data to shape policies and practices, and how going forward it is important for all governments to understand that Data Science is crucial to all decision making.

Cognitive Computing: Ushering in a Whole New Cognitive Era with Deep Learning

In this special guest feature, Amitabh Sahare, Senior Content Writer at Allied Market Research, discusses how the cognitive era is fast approaching and the new cognitive computing systems are speeding up the process with sophisticated deep learning methods.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Bring New Advances to the Field Service Industry

In this special guest feature, Aviram Hinenzon, SVP Marketing at Verisae, discusses AI in the field service industry, including AI’s role in long term strategy and the five key areas where AI is currently bringing assistance to the industry through increased automation.

The Basic of Business Bots

In this special guest feature, Prakash Mishra of NTT DATA, discusses business bots basics, specifically how chatbots are programed to mimic human conversations based on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, technological databases and programmable algorithms.

Making Mobility as a Service a Reality with Artificial Intelligence

In this special guest feature, Tom Nutley, Business Development Director at Stage Intelligence, discusses how mobile, applications and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing what is possible in urban transport by exploring the concept of Mobility as a Service (Maas) and how it can be made a reality.

Customer Data Quality: The Weak Link in Your Digital Transformation?

In this special guest feature, Jean-Michel Franco, Director of Product Marketing for Data Governance at Talend, discusses how big data can affect customer relationship and how data quality can be the weak link in an organization’s digital transformation.