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The CFO Perspective: Building a Data Empire

In this special guest feature, Rob Hull, Founder and Chairman of Adaptive Insights, highlights the future of big data from the perspective of CFOs.

From Mad Men to Math Men: How Data is Changing the Way that Marketers Create Content

In this special guest feature, Assaf Baciu, co-founder and SVP Product and Engineering at Persado, brings a historical perspective to the discussion of advertising and how machine learning has revolutionized this field.

Unfolding the Mystery of Sales Effectiveness; Seven Things Sales Executives Want but Can’t Get

In this special guest feature, Ajay Khanna, Vice President of Product Marketing at Reltio, provides a data-centric view of the top seven things sales executives want but can’t get.

Evolution of the Data Scientist: How Number Crunching Became the Number One Job in America

In this special guest feature, Mark Simon, Managing Director of Toluna North America , tracks the history of the “data scientist” job description and how its importance to today’s enterprise has increased in a number of important ways.

No More Guessing Games: Drive Sales with Real-Time Interactions

In this special guest feature, Jess Stephens, Chief Marketing Officer at SmartFocus, discusses her thoughts about the importance of real-time interactions that are triggered by customer behavior, and not just by the marketer’s best guess.

Converged Data Platforms: Part of a Larger Trend

In this special guest feature, George Demarest, Director of Solutions Marketing at MapR Technologies, traces through the history of computing architectures and concludes that the “converged data center” is the ultimate panacea we’re all looking for in terms of the format, speed, and context needed to drive rapidly evolving applications and analytics.

Big Data and Analytics – An Evolving Ecosystem

In this special guest feature, Dr. Jeffry Nimeroff, CIO at Zeta Interactive, examines how 2016 is shaping up to be a be great year for BigFast Data and analytics, and how this is the year that user-friendly, real-time, converged platforms will become prevalent.

How Automation is Solving the Data Capacity Crisis

In this special guest feature, Matthew Gould, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Arria NLG, discusses how artificial intelligence that naturally generates language from data is providing solutions to issues facing our society, such as how better use of data can improve the well-being of millions of hospital patients; or how governments can utilize the data to better govern their citizens.

Do Right By Data, and Data Will Do Right By You

In this special guest feature, Diana Shealy, a data scientist at Treasure Data, highlights several commonly overlooked best practices when building out an analytics program in any organization, outlines common data-science problems and offer solutions to help you make wiser choices based on your company’s specialized needs.

An Industry in Flux: What Does the Shift to Self-Service Analytics Mean?

In this special guest feature, Brian Brinkman, Vice President of Product Management for Logi Analytics, discusses the current state of BI and how business are shifting to a self-service analytics model.