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Big Data and Climate Change

Big Data continues to touch an increasing number of segments of business and science so it should be no surprise that climate science researchers are now using these technologies to gain insight into anthropogenic sources of climate change.

NASA Brings Earth Science Big Data to the Cloud with AWS

In a significant coupling of scientific research and big data, NASA and Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) are making a large collection of NASA climate and Earth science satellite data available to research and educational users through the AWS cloud.

Big Data Visualization of the Week: BKLYNR All the Stops

The controversial “stop, question and frisk” practices used by the New York City Police Department have been the subject of numerous statistics. A new interactive visualization of all the data related to stop-and-frisk policing in 2012 does a great job of providing additional understanding.

Pivotal Opens Big Data Innovation Centre in Singapore

Pivotal has opened its first big data innovation centre in Singapore with a goal is to help customers execute advanced analytics projects.

Managing Big Data From Space

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0NASA and its dozens of missions gather hundreds of terabytes of data every hour. Data pour in every day like rushing rivers. Spacecraft monitor everything from our home planet to faraway galaxies, beaming back images and information to Earth. All those digital records need to be stored, indexed and processed so […]

Big, Big, Big Data and the Rise of HD Video Surveillance

The extraordinary deluge of data in the surveillance business is being triggered by a flood of new high-definition (HD) video cameras entering the market.

Big Data Upgrade Delivers for You at the Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service’s supercomputing and big data efforts are about to get a substantial upgrade.

Neelie Kroes on the Big Data Opportunity for Europe

Neelie Kroes from the European Commission discusses the huge opportunities of Big Data in the digital era and how Europe can make this a recipe for growth.

What Can Hadoop Can Do for Your Big Data Strategy?

For all its agility in handling big data, Hadoop by itself is not a big data strategy.

The 3 Paradoxes of Big Data

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Over at Stanford Law Review, Neil M. Richards and Jonathan H. King write that the purported benefits of Big Data to our society come with three paradoxes that need to be factored in. In particular, we want to highlight three paradoxes in the current rhetoric about big data to help […]