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Interview: Carpathia Leverages Hadoop and the Cloud to Host Big Data Solutions


“As a cloud operator and managed hosting provider, we’re seeing demand from a wide range of companies that are interested in leveraging the scalability and efficiency benefits of the cloud to better manage, analyze, and extract value from Big Data.”

Preventive Healthcare: Big Data’s Rising Role


Today’s healthcare industry is bursting with all kinds of data about patients, conditions, treatments, drug protocols, outcomes, etc. The problem is that this type of data is unstructured, making it difficult to capture and analyze by traditional means.

Tarmin Defines and Refines Data Defined Storage


“We are continuing to align GridBank with the growing demands of the information economy to deliver a future proof data centric solution for organizations. “

Challenges and Solutions for Genomics in the Age of Big Data

The Genomic Data Landscape

Leading researchers in data science and genomics are recommending strategies to help genomic scientists better manage, share, analyze and archive massive research and clinical data sets in an effort to ensure that the big data explosion results in better health outcomes and faster research discoveries.

Alpine Chorus Unleashes the Power of “Team-Based Data Science”


Alpine Data Labs, a leader in advanced analytics software on big data and Hadoop, announced at the Strata Conference 2014 the introduction of Alpine Chorus, a collaborative advanced analytics solution for big data.

Fighting Cancer with Big Data


“Big data techniques offer a way to analyze data pooled across many patients: their specific disease mutations, biological markers, the treatments, and outcomes — in order to identify unexpected ways that existing therapies can be applied and combined to create personalized treatments that dramatically improve the chances of survival.”

Healthcare’s Resistance to Big Data

The healthcare industry is renowned for its tardiness in entering the big data realm. Invested in archaic IT technology and maintaining a mindset that technological change must progress at a snail’s pace, means that healthcare may be one of the last industries to benefit from what big data can deliver even though it is possibly […]

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Identify Breast Cancer Type


Researchers from the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services have developed a machine learning classifier algorithm that successfully predicts whether estrogen is sending signals to cancer cells to grow into tumors in the breast.

Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease Announces a Big Data Challenge

Global CEO Initiative On Alzheimers Disease

Challenge to be first in a series to crowdsource Alzheimer’s data for new disease insights .

Leveraging High Quality Data to Discover Drugs

Thomson Reuters IPS

The IP & Science Business of Thomson Reuters has announced a strategic initiative with NuMedii. The companies will leverage high-quality data, knowledge and predictive technologies to identify therapeutic candidates with the greatest probability for clinical success.