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What Can Hadoop Can Do for Your Big Data Strategy?

For all its agility in handling big data, Hadoop by itself is not a big data strategy.

Obama Initiative Leverages Big Data to Explore the Brain

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0On Tuesday, April 2, President Obama announced a research initiative that has the ambitious goal of “revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain,” according to a White House press release. Know as BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), the initiative is being launched in FY 2014 with an initial […]

Big Data – Quality or Quantity?

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0In this special guest feature, Anchita Magan from [x]cube DATA writes that the element of quality has to be considered in quantifiable data. Significance of Big Data The entire cosmos has been turned into an aggregated ocean of Data – structured or unstructured, systematic or unsystematic, useful or useless. This […]

Life Sciences and Big Data: Made for Each Other

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0You can’t find better examples of the promises and pitfalls of Big Data than in the realm of the life sciences. According to an excellent article, “Unraveling the Complexities of Life Sciences Data,” published in the journal Big Data, with the combination of the completion of the human genome project […]

How Big Data Helps Scientists Ask Bigger Questions

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0You have to wonder what Albert Einstein would be up to in this era of big data. Writing in Amdahl’s and

Steve Simms on the Data Capacitor II at Indiana University

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0 In this video from SC12, Steve Simms from Indiana University describes a recent upgrade to the Data Capacitor project, a high-speed, high-capacity storage facility for very large data sets. With 5 PB of storage, Data Capacitor II will support big data applications used in computational research. IU partnered with […]

Video: Can Computers Cure Disease?

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0 In this video fro the Discovery Channel, Intel’s John Hengeveld describes how computers are replacing experimentation as a way to proceed down the scientific process of trial and error. Hengeveld wrote here recently about his experiences with a rare form of cancer and how researchers at Berkeley are using […]

Numeddi Big Data Startup Wins Aptails Pharma Deal

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Stanford University spinoff NuMedii has landed a deal with Aptalis Pharma to apply its predictive “Big Data” technology. The companies aim to hunt down and advance drugs to combat gastrointestinal ailments and cystic fibrosis, which are two areas of focus at Aptalis. The deal boosts the commercial credentials of NuMedii, […]

Big Data Sensors in Your Blood

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Over at the New York Times, Quentin Hardy writes that biological sensor technology will bring the power of Big Data analytics to healthcare providers. Make no mistake about these companies’ ambitions. “Ultimately, we see ourselves as a part of the healthcare ecosystem,” Amar Kendale, MC10’s VP of market strategy and […]

BGI Tackles DNA Big Data Using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

Tweet Share Share +1 EmailShares 0Today Nvidia announced the world’s largest genomics institute is using GPUs in in pioneering work of affordable personalized medicine. According to the company, BGI has slashed the time to analyze batches of DNA sequencing data from nearly four days to just six hours using a Tesla GPU-based server farm. We […]