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An Insider’s Guide to Apache Spark


An Insider’s Guide to Apache Spark is a useful new resource directed toward enterprise thought leaders who wish to gain strategic insights into this exciting new computing framework. As one of the most exciting and widely adopted open-source projects, Apache Spark in-memory clusters are driving new opportunities for application development as well as increased intake of IT infrastructure. Closes $20 Million Series B to Democratize AI for Business and Fuel Growth in Data Products

h2o-logo, the maker of a leading open source machine learning platform for building smarter applications, today announced the close of a $20 million Series B funding round.

Apache Spark is the Smartphone of Big Data


In this special guest feature, Denny Lee of Databricks, talks about the versatility of Spark – essentially comparing it to the Swiss Army Knife of on your camping tri​p, called​ Big Data/Analytics.

Machine Learning: How to Master IT Operations with Real-Time Big Data

Steve Burton

In this special guest feature, Steve Burton, VP of Product Marketing oat Moogsoft, discusses the role of machine learning in IT event management.

Analysis Paralysis – an Overtold Cliché or a Case in Point?

Smita Adhikary

In this special guest feature for our Data Science 101 channel, Smita Adhikary of Big Data Analytics Hires highlights how data scientists sometimes tend to get bogged down in the “how” of a problem rather than the “why” of it, and end up delivering highly predictive, yet essentially meaningless models for the business.

CrowdFlower Combines the Best of Machine and Human Intelligence with New AI Product


CrowdFlower, an essential data enrichment platform for data science teams, announced its new AI product. This new module in the CrowdFlower platform combines machine learning and human labeled training data sets to create predictive models that can be applied against new data.

Data-Driven Insights with MATLAB Analytics: An Energy Load Forecasting Case Study


In this article, Seth DeLand and Adam Filion use MATLAB to complete the entire data analytics workflow for a load forecasting application. Using this application, utility analysts can select any region in the state of New York to see a plot of past energy load and predicted future load.

Adapt or Die: Machine Learning Databases for the New Economy


In this special guest feature, Robert Buck, VP of Technology at Deep Information Sciences makes the case for new adaptive technology that couples databases and machine learning to address the demands of a data driven economy.

OnCorps Launches Adaptive Decision Analytics Platform


OnCorps today unveiled its Adaptive Decision Analytics platform that intelligently engages users and nudges them to make better decisions.

ASA Issues Statement on Role of Statistics in Data Science


In a policy statement issued today, the American Statistical Association (ASA) stated statistics is “foundational to data science”—along with database management and distributed and parallel systems—and its use in this emerging field empowers researchers to extract knowledge and obtain better results from Big Data and other analytics projects.