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Interview: Sean Suchter, CEO and Co-founder of Pepperdata

In observance of Hadoop’s 10 year anniversary, I recently caught up with Sean Suchter, CEO and cofounder of Pepperdata, to reflect back on the past decade of Hadoop as well as take a look to the future.

Interview: Spenser Skates, CEO of Amplitude

I recently caught up with Spenser Skates, CEO of Amplitude, a company primarily focused on driving user growth and retention for mobile-first companies. The interview touches on the genesis for his company and their focus on user behavior analytics for the mobile sector.

Interview: Bernd Harzog, CEO of OpsDataStore

I recently caught up with Bernd Harzog, CEO of OpsDataStore and former Gartner analyst. OpsDataStore recently launched out of stealth to provide a big data back-end for all IT management data. The interview touches on the recent launch of OpsDataStore, and the urgent need for big data intelligence in IT operations.

Interview: Kon Leong CEO and Founder of ZL Technologies

I recently caught up with Kon Leong who is CEO and Founder at ZL Technologies, is a specialized provider of electronic content archiving software for the most demanding large enterprise environments. The Q&A discussion focuses on businesses aiming to improve their data management strategy.

Interview: Dell’s Migration of Internal Analytics to Statistica

I recently caught up with John K. Thompson, General Manager of Advanced Analytics at Dell Software to discuss Dell’s migration of its entire internal analytics system to Statistica (its own platform).

Interview: The Marketing Disruption Brought About by Machine Learning: Making Marketers the Heroes

I recently caught up with Dr. Olly Downs, Chief Scientist and CTO at Amplero to talk about the excitement surrounding his company’s launch of Amplero as well as some thoughts on the future of machine learning coupled with marketing.

Interview: Michael O’Connell, Chief Data Scientist at TIBCO

I recently caught up with Michael O’Connell who is Chief Data Scientist at TIBCO, a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, to talk about the flourishing career outlook, demand and job security that a career in data science and business analytics are bringing to the higher education community.

Strategic Big Data Pivot Leads Webtrends to Success

The interview that follows is with Peter Crossley, Director of Product Architecture at Webtrends to discuss his company’s data platform centered around Hadoop and Spark.

At TrueCar It’s Time to Invest and Be Innovative with Big Data

At the recent Hadoop Summit 2015 in San Jose, I had the opportunity to sit down with Russell Foltz-Smith, VP of Data Platform with TrueCar, Inc. to discuss his company’s use of data in general and Hadoop specifically.

Interview: Mike Lamble, CEO at Clarity Solution Group

We recently sat down with Mike Lamble who is CEO at Clarity Solution Group, a recognized data and analytics consulting firm, to discuss some of the more pressing topics in data management.