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Can Spark Data Tools Stamp Out Cyber Crime?

The video presentation below discusses how big data engines like Apache Spark are being deployed to help detect and put an end to ad fraudulence. Spark allows for enterprises across various sectors, including security firms, to extract data in real time to catch patterns and help halt fraudulent activities and breaches earlier.

xPatterns Delivers Apache Spark 1.6 for Enterprise at the Speed of Now

Atigeo™, a technology company and developer of the xPatterns® big data analytics platform and cyber and healthcare analytics solutions, has migrated enterprise-grade Apache Spark 1.6 to its platform distribution, allowing customers immediate availability and seamless integration into the rest of their technology stack.

Interview: Dr. Michael Ernst from Brookhaven National Laboratory

I recently caught up with Dr. Michael Ernst, Director of the RHIC and ATLAS Computing Facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory, to discuss how Brookhaven National Laboratory has found an innovative and inexpensive way to use AWS cloud spot instances when working with CERN’s LHC ATLAS experiment in order to speed up research during critical time periods.

Introducing Lucidworks View: Big Data Plug and Play

A leading search and analytics software company Lucidworks today released Lucidworks View, which allows companies to quickly and easily create custom search-driven applications leveraging Apache Solr and Apache Spark.

Latest Release of Cloudera Enterprise Brings Better Performance and Operations Efficiency Across Workloads and Users

Cloudera, the global provider of a fast and secure data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies, announced the general availability of Cloudera Enterprise 5.7.

MapR Converges SQL and JSON with Apache Drill v1.6

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the Converged Data Platform, announced the availability of Apache Drill 1.6 as the unified SQL layer for the MapR Converged Data Platform via tighter integration with MapR-DB.

The Hadooponomics Podcast Series

The Hadooponomics Podcast series is a creation of Blue Hill Research and hosted by James Haight, a principal analyst at the company. The mission of the Hadooponomics Podcast series is simple: to advance the Big Data conversation beyond its traditional buzz-heavy roots, and to take a look at the real story of what drives the value of Big Data.

WSO2 Deep Huge Project Predicts 99.4% Chance of Presidential Win for Donald Trump if Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Ticket as VP Candidate

Artificial Intelligence has evolved exponentially over the years—from Deep Blue beating Gary Kasparov in chess to DeepMind mastering Go. Now with the Deep Huge predictive analytics system, WSO2 takes on America’s national pastime, the 2016 presidential election.

Databricks Offers APIs to Enable Agile Application Development with Apache Spark for the Enterprise

Databricks, the company behind Apache Spark, launched a new set of APIs that will enable enterprises to automate their Spark infrastructure to accelerate the deployment of production data-driven applications.

Interview: Ankur Goyal, VP of Engineering at MemSQL

I recently caught up with Ankur Goyal, Vice President of Engineering at MemSQL, to get an inside look at the new era of predictive analytics. Ankur runs engineering at MemSQL. He was one of the first employees at MemSQL starting in 2011, and has actively driven growth of the team since then.