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IoT Analytics – Part 5

This is the fifth article in a series focusing on a technology that is rising in importance to enterprise use of big data – IoT Analytics, or the analytical component of the Internet-of-Things. In this segment, we’ll talk about the challenges of deploying IoT analytics.

5 Solid Use Cases of IOT Analytics that Makes it Truly Innovative!

In this contributed article, Sunu Philip, the Inbound Marketing Head at Cabot Technology Solutions, provides 5 compelling use case examples of IoT analytics and discusses how this technology plays an important role in boosting marketing and sales of businesses.

Podium Data Enables 25x Acceleration in the Delivery of Enterprise Data to Business and Analytic Teams

Podium Data announced Podium 3.0, the latest release of Podium Data’s enterprise data lake management platform with dramatically expanded data preparation and publishing capabilities that enables business users and data analysts to bring new data sources into a secure enterprise lake in less than a week, and build and retrieve custom data sets in an hour.

Advanced Analytics, The Modern Marketer’s Best Friend

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how advanced analytics has the potential to transform the ways in which segmentation for marketing purposes is accomplished. It starts with a look at traditional segmentation methods and then moves on to exploring how advanced analytics (model-based segmentation) can change the game. Then you’ll explore a few marketing & analytics use cases in various industries. Lastly, you’ll examine the methodologies needed to implement model based segmentation in the real world.

IoT Analytics – Part 4

This is the fourth article in a series focusing on a technology that is rising in importance to enterprise use of big data – IoT Analytics, or the analytical component of the Internet-of-Things. In this segment, we’ll provide a discussion of IoT analytics value drivers and return-on-investment (RIO) for the enterprise.

Provalis Research Releases an Enhanced Qualitative Data Analysis Freeware

Provalis Research announced the release of an upgraded version of the qualitative analysis freeware QDA Miner Lite, developed to include some of the new features added to the full version of QDA Miner.

Arcadia Data Introduces Visual Analytics Platform Native to Cloudera Enterprise

Arcadia Data, the visual analytics software that solves the most complex big data problems, announced new native integration features for Arcadia Enterprise and Cloudera Enterprise to deliver a comprehensive real-time, Hadoop-native analytics platform. Directly integrated with Cloudera Manager and with new support for Apache Kudu and Cloudera Search, users will now have access to data-native architecture that enables both real-time dashboards and rich data visualization for large-scale, big data uses cases such as IoT data, spanning cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments.

How Retailers are Using Big Data to Their Advantage

In this contributed article, tech writer Rick Delgado, discusses how the retail world is jumping on the big data analytics bandwagon. Analytics are being used at every stage of the buying process — from predicting popular products to pricing and figuring out what to sell to customers next. Retailers aren’t holding back on what big data can do for them.

2017 State of Analytics Adoption Report

The annual State of Analytics Adoption Report by our friends at Logi Analytics provides insights for executives, product managers, and technology leaders on how broadly and deeply users are adopting business intelligence and analytics tools. The 2017 survey respondents included members of IT teams who provide analytics tools to end users, as well as the end users of BI and analytics tools.

Greenwave Systems Introduces AXON Platform for Conversational IoT, a Voice Activated Smart Gateway Solution for Service Providers

Greenwave Systems, Inc. a global software and managed services leader for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced AXON Platform® for Conversational IoT, a carrier-grade smart gateway that supports a hands-free, voice activated speaker with customizable wake-up word and open architecture. The solution combines the company’s award-winning AXON Platform® with advanced integrated voice and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered natural language understanding (NLU) technology from Nuance, enabling a unique opportunity for service providers to create conversational IoT in multiple languages.