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5 Major Differences Between Backup and Archive

In this special guest feature, John Sharpe, Director of Product Management for Iron Mountain’s Data Management business, identifies five key differences between data backup and archive.

What You Have Wrong: Three Myths about RAIDs

In this contributed article, DriveSavers Director of Engineering Mike Cobb shares three common myths about RAIDs. DriveSavers has performed tens of thousands of RAID data recoveries in the company’s history.

Manage Supercharges Its Demand-Side Platform for Mobile Advertising With Aerospike NoSQL Database

Aerospike, the high-performance NoSQL database company recognized for “speed at scale” leadership and as the NoSQL leader in the digital media and ad tech industries, announced that Group Inc. (Manage) has selected Aerospike to power its innovative demand-side platform for mobile advertising. Manage chose Aerospike to support its goals for technology evolution and business growth.

Informatica Launches Intelligent Data Lake to Help Customers Address Critical Technology Gaps for Turning Big Data into Big Value

Informatica, a leading independent software provider focused on delivering transformative innovation for the future of all things data, announced a new end-to-end solution to turn big data into trusted data assets for faster and more sustainable business value.

Slam Dunk Your Data Strategy: What College Basketball Can Teach You About Leading Data Initiatives

In this contributed article by Basho Technologies CEO Adam Wray, we look at lessons learned about your company’s data initiatives by examining the recently concluded NCAA basketball tournament.

Survey Shows Significant Opportunity for Backup and Recovery Solutions for Next-Generation Databases

Survey results released by Datos IO show that while there is immediate and increasing interest in evolving infrastructure to support distributed, scale-out databases and cloud databases, a lack of robust backup and recovery technologies hinders adoption.

Open Source Leader MariaDB Rockets into Analytics Market

MariaDB® Corporation, a leader in open source databases, announced the upcoming release of its big data analytics engine, MariaDB ColumnStore, another significant milestone for the MariaDB open source community.

Teradata Revolutionizes Enterprise Data Lake Design and Deployment

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, announced a new “design pattern” approach for data lake deployment which leverages years of experience in big data consulting and optimization to help clients build and benefit from data lakes.

Citus 5.0 a Fully Open Source Database for Enterprise Analytics

Citus Data, creators of solutions that horizontally scale out PostgreSQL for real-time big data, announced it is open-sourcing its new database, Citus 5.0. Citus Data is democratizing relational databases by bringing a more accessible, secure and horizontally scalable PostgreSQL database environment to enterprise users.

Impetus Technologies Launches Data Warehouse Transformation Practice Powered by Automated Migration Toolkit

Impetus Technologies, a software products and services company, announced the formation of a new data warehouse transformation practice. The practice is comprised of an innovative automation migration toolkit, as well as methodologies and services, that allow enterprises to rapidly migrate their data warehouses while preserving their investment in current implementations.