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GridGain Announces Support Offering for Apache® Ignite™

GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade In-Memory Data Fabric solutions based on Apache® Ignite™, announced the availability of its Standard Professional Support subscription, which includes a license for the new GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric – Professional Edition 1.5, a fully supported version of Apache Ignite.

The Lambda Architecture Simplified

In this special technology white paper, The Lambda Architecture Simplified, you’ll learn about how the Lambda Architecture aims to satisfy the needs for a robust system that is fault-tolerant, both against hardware failures and human mistakes, being able to serve a wide range of workloads and use cases, and in which low-latency reads and updates are required.

Galactic Exchange Launches Into Big Data Space With 5 Minute Set-Up Spark/Hadoop Powered Clusters

Galactic Exchange, Inc. officially came out of stealth mode this week to announce initial beta availability of ClusterGX™, an open source clustering solution which provides unprecedented simplicity of deployment and management of Spark/Hadoop clusters.

Headed for the Cloud? Watch Out: Legacy Data Integration Can Bring You Down

In this contributed article, Darren Cunningham, Vice President of Marketing at SnapLogic, discusses how most organizations will have at least some portion of their business reliant on some kind of cloud platform. But whether an organization has its various components completely in the cloud or on a mixture of cloud and on-prem platforms, there’s still going to be the issue of how to organize and integrate all the data pulled from each source.

Alluxio Abstracts Underlying Storage from Big Data Applications for Petabyte Scale Computing at In-Memory Speeds

Alluxio (formerly known as Tachyon), the first virtual distributed storage for Big Data, announced its open source version 1.0 release and shared its vision for how Alluxio aims to become the storage abstraction layer for Big Data in the same manner that Apache Spark became the computation layer.

GridGain Enterprise Edition 7.5 Increases Speed and Scalability of the In-Memory Data Fabric

GridGain Systems, provider of the enterprise-grade In-Memory Data Fabric based on Apache® Ignite™, announced the availability of GridGain Enterprise Edition 7.5. The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric enables high-performance transactions that run 1,000x faster than disk-based approaches.

VoltDB Adds Geospatial Query Support to Industry’s Most Innovative Fast Data Platform

VoltDB, a purpose-built database for fast data applications, announced the availability of its newest release, VoltDB v6.0. The game-changing combination of the world’s fastest operational database with fast data ingest/export, now with geospatial support, meets the needs of businesses bringing next-gen applications to market.

Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data

A massive surge in unstructured data creates tough challenges for IT. Businesses need more intelligent network infrastructure to support their Big Data plans. The infographic below from XO Communications, highlights this need.

Your IoT Strategy: Data’s Critical Role

In this special guest feature, Rob Patterson, Vice President, Product Marketing at PTC, posits that as manufacturing organizations hone in on their IoT strategy, data’s critical role within that strategy should be top of mind and central to decision making around how the IoT will affect their business going forward.

ScaleOut Software Releases Performance Enhancements for ScaleOut StateServer® In-Memory Computing Platform

ScaleOut Software, a leading provider of in-memory computing software, released version 5.4 of the core technology within its ScaleOut StateServer® product line. Highly anticipated new features include performance enhancements for large multicore systems, Object Browser support for handling massive production workloads, and an AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library.