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NVIDIA GPUs Power Facebook’s New Deep Learning Machine

NVIDIA announced that Facebook will power its next-generation computing system with the NVIDIA® Tesla® Accelerated Computing Platform, enabling it to drive a broad range of machine learning applications. While training complex deep neural networks to conduct machine learning can take days or weeks on even the fastest computers, the Tesla platform can slash this by […]

RAVN Systems Launches Portal for RAVN ACE Contract Robot to Automatically Extract Information from Title Deeds

UK based RAVN Systems, experts in artificial intelligence, enterprise search, unstructured big data analytics and knowledge management solutions, announced the launch of an online portal for their implementation of a RAVN ACE Contract Robot allowing clients to automatically extract key pieces of information from Title Deeds.

Data Science 101: Deep Learning – Theory and Applications

Deep Learning is a hot topic in statistical learning and many data scientists are seeking a place to start. Here is a presentation from the July 23rd SF Machine Learning Meetup at the Workday Inc. San Francisco office. The featured speaker is Ilya Sutskever.

What a Holiday Tweet and a Faulty Fridge Can Tell Us

In this special guest feature, Biljana Belamaric Wilsey of SAS, in recognition of the upcoming holidays, examines sentiments of thankfulness on social media through contextual analysis.

Machine Learning Is Cybersecurity’s Answer to Detecting Advanced Breaches

In this special guest feature, Mike Paquette, VP of Products at Prelert, highlights how forward-thinking organizations see machine learning as an absolutely essential component to detecting today’s advanced cybersecurity threats early.

insideBIGDATA Guide to Scientific Research

In this new insideBIGDATA Guide to Scientific Research, the goal is to provide a road map for scientific researchers wishing to capitalize on the rapid growth of big data technology for collecting, transforming, analyzing, and visualizing large scientific data sets.

Advanced Data Science for Healthcare Scheduling Optimization

LeanTaaS iQueue is the flagship product of LeanTaaS. It applies advanced data science and machine learning to overcome healthcare scheduling complexity by optimizing the utilization of scarce resources in order to improve patient flow.

Machine Learning: Hottest Tech Trend in the Next 3-5 Years?

The featured talk focused on – by leveraging big data to allow computers to develop evolving behaviors, machine learning is vastly improving pattern recognition, allowing for broad application such as improved facial and speech recognition for application in many industries, especially national security.

Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing Platform

The talk below by CTO Bart Peintner of Loop AI Labs was presented at the Deep Learning Summit in Boston on May 26, 2015 and coincides with the launch of the Loop Cognitive Computing Platform.

IBM’s Machine Learning Technology Accepted as Apache Open Source Project

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that its machine learning technology –SystemML –has been accepted as a project by the Apache Incubator open source project. Originally developed by IBM Research, and now used in IBM’s BigInsights data analytics platform, SystemML is a machine learning algorithm translator.