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Mistaking a Data Library for a Data Lake: 7 best practices for developing your Hadoop data strategy

Supreet Oberoi Concurrent

In this special guest feature, Supreet Oberoi, Vice President of Field Engineering of Concurrent, Inc. talks about how companies should change their perspective on their data strategies, and look at the process as building a data library as opposed to a data lake.

Has the Accessibility of Data Visualization Overshadowed the Value of Data Prep?

Mark Marinelli_Lavastorm

In this special guest feature, Mark Marinelli of Lavastorm Analytics poses a thesis that when many people think of ‘big data’ they imagine beautiful visual dashboards in Tableau or Qlik, but the big data world is much bigger than visualization technology.

Mining for Insight: The Big Data Gold Rush

Sethuraman Janardhanan

In this special guest feature, Sethuraman Janardhanan of Happiest Minds discusses how capturing and analyzing data is going to be a huge challenge and an immensely profitable and critical activity in the very near future.

Unlocking the Promise of Big Data for Marketing in Five Steps

Opher Kahane

In this special guest feature, Opher Kahane, CEO and Co-founder of Origami Logic highlights five key areas on which data professionals must work closely with their marketing counterparts to truly realize the promise of Big Data.

Investing in a Data Lake? Shore up the Big Data Gateway


In this special guest feature, John Thielens, VP of Technology at Cleo discusses how the ability to connect to non-traditional storage repositories can solve the security, access control, and scalability challenges of data lakes, which are more suited to handle today’s less structured data.

Too Integrated to Fail, But No Longer Competent to Deliver

Ashish Gupta Actian

In this special guest feature, Ashish Gupta of Actian discusses how legacy solutions were not architected to handle the requirements of today, but with traditional systems so pervasive (and so much having been invested in them) organizations are reluctant to rip and replace.

It’s Not Big Data, It’s The Right Data: How Predictive Intelligence Is Transforming B2B Marketing


In this special guest feature, Amanda Kahlow, CEO of 6sense outlines how asking the right questions, and exploring different assumptions, can deliver the RIGHT data, versus just a LOT of data

How Big Data is Being Used in Retail


This article is the second in an editorial series with a goal of directing line of business leaders in conjunction with enterprise technologists with a focus on opportunities for retailers and how Dell can help them get started. The guide also will serve as a resource for retailers that are farther along the big data path and have more advanced technology requirements.

Digging Deep into Data Science and the Silicon Valley


In this special guest feature, David Richards of WANdisco pays tribute to noted computer scientist Alan Turing in terms of the rise of the Big Data industry.

Solve the Data Scientist Shortage with Machine Intelligence


In this special guest feature, Scott Howser of Nutonian discusses how machine intelligence software enables users to automatically discover analytical models via sophisticated evolutionary algorithms without any human intervention, thus solving the data scientist shortage.