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New Strategic Partnership Highlights Real Shape and Size of US Consumers

BodiData, Inc. a Silicon Valley-based technology company that specializes in generating big data on three-dimensional body measurements and Alvanon, the global apparel business expert, have signed a strategic partnership agreement that will deliver both big data and analysis on the shape and size of the diverse and complex US consumer population.

How Can AI Help Increase Company’s Sales

In this contributed article, content coordinator Maria Harutyunyan discusses how artificial intelligence can benefit your company’s sales. In the 2017 Economist Intelligence Unit report, Artificial Intelligence in the Real World, it was stated that 17% out of 200 executives said that AI will increase sales revenue. But then again, how can something that is itself called “artificial” benefit your company’s sales?

Mixpanel Dashboards Take The Work Out of Reporting

A recent study by Forrester Research found that 68% of enterprise product leaders struggle to make decisions based on data. Often, this is because people waste too much time on data reporting and building out custom analysis. And with today’s clunky business intelligence tools, sharing important, customized metrics with the right people can be a hassle. But now, Mixpanel Dashboards make it easy to instantly see what’s going on in a product, without wasting anyone’s time.

Using Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to Improve Existing Business Systems

In this contributed article, Dan Adika, CEO and cofounder of WalkMe, discusses how big data, combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence, can contextually guide employees on how to use any system, provide businesses with insights into common technology obstacles, and ultimately personalize the user experience to drive greater adoption.

Arcadia Data Accelerates Era of Data-Native Applications with Visual Analytics

Arcadia Data, provider of visual analytics software that solves the most complex big data problems, announced the launch of Arcadia Enterprise 4.0. The platform enhancements enable enterprises to build, brand, share and embed data-centric applications, ultimately making Apache Hadoop and cloud-based data lakes more accessible and valuable to all users within and outside an organization.

How Will Big Data Continue to Evolve Throughout 2017

In this contributed article, tech writer Linda Gimmeson takes a high level view of the big data industry to examine how the technology will continue to evolve to address an ever changing landscape of enterprise requirements.

How the On-Demand Economy Impacts our Expectations as Shoppers, Citizens and Patients

In this special guest feature, Joe Francica, Managing Director, Geospatial Industry Solutions at Pitney Bowes, discusses a few examples of how industries are deploying IoT technology to engage with the always-on consumer.

Developers Get Live Data Migration and Free Access With Updates to MongoDB’s Database as a Service

MongoDB announced new capabilities for MongoDB Atlas that enable developers to migrate their data from any location to the company’s secure database service with zero downtime. New updates to MongoDB’s database as service also grant developers free access to the platform for learning, prototyping, and testing their cloud-based applications.

IBM First to Deliver Latest NVIDIA GPU Accelerator on the Cloud to Speed AI Workloads

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it is the first major cloud provider to make the NVIDIA Tesla® P100 GPU available globally on the cloud. By combining NVIDIA’s acceleration technology with IBM’s Cloud platform, businesses can more quickly and efficiently run compute-heavy workloads, such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and high performance data analytics.

Preventative vs. Predictive Maintenance: Going to a Doctor When You’re Not Sick

In this special guest feature, Steve Jennis, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing for ADLINK and PrismTech, discusses the benefits of predictive maintenance over preventative maintenance.