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With Data, the Devil is in the Details

In this special guest feature, Matt Graves, Chief Data Officer at Infogroup, discusses how marketers can expand their target audiences and bridge the gap between business and consumer data through the use of offline publishers.

Cask Hydrator – Self-Service Data Lakes on Hadoop

In this special technology white paper, Cask Hydrator – Self-Service Data Lakes on Hadoop, you’ll learn about an exciting new tool for data science projects – Cask Hydrator, a self-service, reconfigurable, extendable open source framework to visually develop, run, automate, and operate data pipelines.

Cloud Analytics Player Keen IO Announces Solution for Native Analytics

Keen IO, a leader in cloud analytics, announced the availability of Native Analytics, a complete solution for customers to white-label the real-time analytics and advanced visualizations of Keen into their own products and services.

Bringing on the Pain: Majority of C-Suite Not Involved with Data Quality Management Initiatives

In this special guest feature, Dan Ortega, VP of Marketing at Blazent, provides a first-hand commentary on IT’s struggle with data quality.

Book Review: Data Lake Architecture

A new book “Data Lake Architecture – Designing the Data Lake and Avoiding the Garbage Dump” by the father of the data warehouse Bill Inmon is a simple, high-level introduction to this popular data organization. Written for enterprise thought-leaders and decision makers, the book offers a one-stop resource that explains how to build a useful data lake where data scientists and data analysts can solve business challenges and identify new business opportunities. Readers will learn how to structure data lakes as well as analog, application, and text-based data ponds to provide maximum business value.

PearlHPS’s PearlPredict Predicts Business Outcomes 12 Months Out

PearlHPS, a Software-As-a-Service-based (SaaS) predictive execution analytics provider for businesses, disclosed some of the results that its customers were getting, as well as how its PearlPredict execution analytics offering was answering corporate operational challenges.

Driven 2.2: Hadoop Performance Monitoring as a Service for Managing Enterprise-scale Big Data Applications

Driven Inc., formerly Concurrent, Inc., a leader in Big Data application performance monitoring (APM), announced the next version of Driven.

ClearDB Unveils Vision that Fundamentally Changes the Way Database Assets are Consumed

ClearDB, a pioneer in enterprise cloud database technologies, introduced its end-to-end Data Services Platform, a cornerstone that supports the company’s vision to change the way databases are consumed.

IBM and Cisco Tap the Power of IBM Watson and Cisco Spark to Transform the Way People Work

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Cisco (NYSE: CSCO) announced they will partner to combine the market-leading strengths of each company to transform how knowledge-workers collaborate and work. The companies will form a suite of cloud-based workplace tools and applications infused with IBM Watson.

How Machine Learning Will Transform the Way Employers and Candidates Connect

In this contributed article, Sham Mustafa, Co-founder & CEO of Correlation One, explores leveraging the benefits of machine learning for HR professionals during the hiring process for job applicants,