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Visualization of the Week: Oscars Dashboard


The Academy Awards event was held yesterday here in Los Angeles, and there are those technology diehards who tried to combine the creative arts with data science. For example, Adam McCann of Dueling Data created an interactive dashboard showing predictions for the Oscars based on how well the candidates fared in earlier awards, such as the Golden Globes and the British Academy.

Visualization of the Week: Aging TV Network Audience


The Los Angeles Times ran a front page article today, “For prime time, aging boomers are next big thing” which highlight a distinct trend – broadcast network audiences are getting older.

Visualization of the Week: Winter Olympics Dashboard


The 2014 Winter Olympics is going on in Sochi, Russia, and Paul Banoub of Viz Ninja has created this dashboard Tableau Public to let us explore the history of the games.

Visualization of the Week: Who Really Won the Superbowl?


For this week’s top visualization, Nelson Davis of Slalom analyzes the advertising revenue generated by Super Bowl television commercials over the course of the game.

etcML – Free Text-Analysis Tool


Have you every wondered whether a certain TV network has a specific political bias? Is your favorite news source fair and balanced? A group of Stanford computer scientists have created a website with the ability to answer such questions for free using machine learning technology.

Visualization of the Week: World’s Largest Stadiums


With the Superbowl coming up this Sunday, Peter Gilks of Slalom Consulting in New York uses Tableau to create intriguing infographics like this one showing the size of stadiums around the world.

Visualization of the Week: Google Music Timeline


The Google Big Picture Group has a number of eye-catching big data visualizations based on on-going research projects at the search engine giant. One project, Music Timeline as shown below, shows how different musical genres became popular over time, and let’s you discover artists in each genre.

Map-D: GPU-Powered Social Science Research in Real Time


“Map-D uses multiple NVIDIA GPUs to interactively query and visualize big data in real-time. Map-D is an SQL-enabled column store that generates 70-400X speedups over other in-memory databases. This talk discusses the basic architecture of the system, the advantages and challenges of running queries on the GPU, and the implications of interactive and real-time big data analysis in the social sciences and beyond.”

Predicting the Popularity of a Tweet


As social media becomes increasingly important as a data source for the purposes of machine learning, finding a brand new method for analyzing the Twitter microblogging platform is very compelling. Tauid Zaman, assistant professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, developed a probabilistic model for the spread of an individual tweet in the twitterverse.

Visualization of the Week: Sentence Drawing


This week’s top visualization is actually a new algorithmic technique for showing the aesthetic and organic beauty of language based on a very innovative use of R and the popular ggplot2 package.