Slidecast: IO Turbine Launches Accelio SSD Accelerator for Virtualization

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In this slidecast, Rich Brueckner from insideHPC interviews IO Turbine CEO Rich Boberg. The company’s newest product, Accelio uses SSD/Flash on the compute server to solve I/O bottleneck problems in VMware environments. When installed on VMware servers, Accelio transparently identifies the highest priority data and offloads IOPS from primary storage to Flash, delivering performance directly to designated virtual machines.

Read and write caching can substantially improve VM performance and increase consolidation densities for both virtual server and virtual desktop workloads,” said Chris Wolf, Research Vice President, Gartner. “Storage I/O acceleration in virtual environments is not a checkbox. Significant variations exist among solutions that tightly integrate with the hypervisor and those that run as bolt-on appliances. Integration capabilities, performance overhead, and acceleration granularity are all important considerations when evaluating solutions that work to solve increasingly critical I/O caching and acceleration requirements.”

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