Startup to Develop Big Apps for Big Data

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GigaStacey writes about a new startup called nPario founded on the notion that scalable columnar databases are going to be needed to derive value from the Big Data we keep accumulating.

How would this work? In one cited example that sounds like a scene from Minority Report, nPario’s product for marketers takes in an array of demographics, web surfing history, and even IP addresses to serve up custom advertisements made just for your consumer DNA.

People are enamored by big data, but the next thing that happens is companies spend money storing it and looking for the big apps,” said nPario President and CEO Bassel Ojjeh. “If you can’t build scalable apps, then it doesn’t really matter. Your back is against the wall and the big apps have to follow the big data very quickly: otherwise it becomes a mirage of value.”

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