A New Processor For Big Data

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GigaStacey writes that as Big Data Grows faster than Moore’s Law, companies like HP are looking to develop a processor tailor-made for the task:

HP’s answer is its concept of nanostores, chips that tie the memory and the processor together using a completely new kind of circuit called a memristor. The basic premise for HP is that 80 percent of the energy inside a data center is tied to moving data from memory to the processor and then back again. We’re already seeing the trend of moving memory closer to the processor (that’s what the addition of Flash inside the data center is about) to speed up computing. But instead of next-door neighbors inside a box, HP essentially wants processing and memory married and in the same bed. HP won’t give a timeline on when this vision will become reality, but it has a manufacturing partnership with Hyinx it announced in 2010 to build such chips.

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