Big Data Poised to Change the World

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IDC’s Richard Villars writes about the daunting challenges (and potentially great rewards) posed by doing rapid analytics on Big Data:

“This final challenge, getting from data to value in hours, minutes, seconds, or less, is the “new” development that makes Big Data so important. Government agencies and companies in industries such as retail, healthcare, and telecommunications dealt with large volumes of information for decades. The perception that Big Data projects are also major science projects that are expensive, risky, and require skills not found in many traditional IT organizations remains the biggest barrier to broader adoption. In the past, the ability to find, analyze and use the data often required massive investments in people or computing resources. Results were measured in months or at best weeks (usually, long after the danger or opportunity passed).”

While Big Data Analytics may not be ready for prime time, Villars says that cloud providers are on the case, and rich solutions may not be too far off in the future. Read the Full Story.

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