Infographic: The Rapid Growth in Unstructured Data

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How fast is Big Data growing? The good folks at Wikibon have posted a revision to their popular infographic depicting the rapid growth in unstructured data.

A little over a month ago Wikibon put together an cloud storage infographic based on the EMC Digital Universe study highlighting the rapid growth of unstructured data, how that growth will impact storage, and the responsibility of the enterprise. As it turns out, the math for our visualization contained a few errors, that astute Wikibon community members were able to pinpoint.

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  1. Interesting… Data growth is like the paper folding problem… Folding a paper 50 times will give you a stack that is taller than 1 AU (Earth-Sun distance).

    Rayson (Grid Engine/Open Grid Scheduler)

  2. Now I’ll have to learn all these new words like peta, zetta, exa. I thought tera would be enough for a while.