Looking to Hire or Work in Big Data? A Guide to the Interview

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Whether you are looking to hire Data Mining and Modeling candidates or are an prospective applicant, the interview can be a a challenging process. Vincent Granville, highly experienced analytics manager and data modeler, recently interviewed candidates for an open position and he lays out his philosophy and approach in a recent post. His overall goal is to find someone who is smart, focused and compatible with the existing team. He breaks down the one-hour interview into five segments and discusses each of them them in detail.

Some people look at every interaction or project as a performance, a test of their intelligence. Others look at those same interactions as opportunities to learn, to engage, to gain more knowledge. I want to hire the latter. I prefer questions . . .  where there is not a single, universally-accepted method or technique. It gives [the applicant] the opportunity to take a stance, express an opinion, and defend it based on [their]  experience. I also want to hear if [the applicant] has experimented with different approaches and what  has [been] learned from those experiments.

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