Video: DDN's New SFA12K Storage System Does 1 Terabyte/sec

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In this video, DDN’s Jeff Denworth describes the company’s new SFA12K storage system, which is capable of delivering 1 Terabyte/sec of bandwidth.

The SFA12K-40 delivers the industry’s highest single-platform performance, at over 40GB/s and 1.4 Million Flash IOPS. With InifniBand and Fibre Channel connectivity, the system is designed to easily scale file storage systems to 1TB/s and beyond with as little as 25 arrays.

As part of the announcement, DDN also rolled out something called the Storage Fusion Fabric, which supports up to 160 dedicated 6GB SAS lanes and up to 500% greater storage access density than competing systems. The Fabrick aggregates SSD devices to enable customers to avoid expensive PCIe-based approaches to Flash-based application acceleration.

On the reliability side of things, DDN’s new SATAssure+ capability enables the system to autonomously heal itself from errant SATA drive failures through intelligent fault and power management. The company claims this will reduce instances of SATA drive replacement by up to 80%.

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