DDN Pens Open Letter for the Dawn of Exascale and Big Data

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In the wake of recent product announcements, DDN’s EVP of Technology and Strategy, Jean-Luc Chatelain, has penned an open letter that discusses the unprecedented challenges facing the HPC community in terms of data growth on the road to Exascale.

DDN questions for the HPC community:

  • What types of processing phases (pre, core, post) would benefit from In-Store Compute (as an alternative to moving data from storage to cluster for every type of function)?
  • Can applications evolve away from POSIX to a native object interface (if the benefit is to break the metadata management scalability bottlenecks)?
  • Should knowledge management and provenance tracking become a component of the system’s foundation (or is this better managed at the application layer)?
  • What new capabilities do future solid-state memory technologies (and the change in the storage
  • I/O paradigm from block access to byte-addressable memory mapping) bring to HPC?
  • Does the community believe that HPC systems efficiency can be improved by leveraging telemetry and behavioral analytics?

Download the Open Letter (PDF).

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