Video: SC11 Twitter Stream – Big Data Rendered as Music

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Imagine a world of big data represented as musical notes. In this live performance from the insideHPC booth, Domenico Vicinanza turns SC11′s live twitter stream into a concert of electronic music. Using an original Java application called Sonify running on the European Grid Infrastructure using GEANT, Internet2 and Scinet, watch as the pulse of the SC11 communiverse comes alive.

What you’re seeing and hearing here in this video is really a stream of consciousness from the people tweeting at the show,” said Rich Brueckner of insideHPC. “After Domenico Vicinanza turned the Twitter stream into music using Sonify, I synchronized the music with photography shot at the conference. It was a fun experiment, and in a way it like a thousand composers worked together through the Cloud to bring us this visual jazz. I hope everyone who attended SC11 will get a chance to enjoy it.”

Listen to a sample of Big Data on Java Sonification or Download the Whitepaper (PDF).

insideHPC would like to give a special thanks to Chris Karges and Richard Friedman for their wonderful photography.


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