Interview: LexisNexis Goes Open Source for Big Data with HPCC

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In this video, Charles Kaminski, Jr. from LexisNexis describes how the open source HPCC software environment takes on Big Data analytics in an enterprise ready way that takes much less effort to program than traditional Hadoop solutions.

This video was recorded at the HPC Advisory Council Stanford Workshop in December, 2011.

As mentioned in the video, you can download the HPCC VM and get started using the software and participate in the developer community.

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  1. Very interesting that Reed Elsevier decided to open source their platform. They probably wanted to not get left beyond given success of Hadoop lately. I know programmers that use ECL and they all want to flock to java for job security reasons. But good move by them to open up their platform. Would be good to get more unbiased comparison of Hadoop with HPCC. HPCC is very mature and has nice things in it with its programming model and ECL. Hadoop although is more efficient at distributing computing on commodity hardware and programming model is more flexible (am sure this part is arguable).