Interview: The Big Picture Now that Hadoop is 1.0

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In a new feature interview, Alex Handy from SD Times catches up with Forrester’s James Kobielus to get his take on the market now that Hadoop has reached version 1.0. Its the big picture kind of story that’s well-worth a read.

But there are a number of distributions of Hadoop. There’s Cloudera’s, there’s MapR, Greenplum, and IBM with BigInsnights. Hortonworks is by-the-book, gospel open source Apache, and Microsoft is partnering with Hortonworks. Microsoft has made no bones about wanting to stay open source: they say they’re committed to remaining open source. Oracle is indicating they also very much want to adhere closely to the open source core. These are all good signs politically, which means we won’t get distracted like the Linux community did by things that won’t be differentiating.

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