Will Rivals Match Oracle's Big Data Bundle?

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Jaikumr Vijayan from Computerworld writes that Oracle’s Cloudera-powered Hadoop appliance could force IBM, HP and SAP to follow suit and start bundling Big Data solutions.

The tightly bundled Big Data Appliance includes Sun server hardware — 18 Linux-based x86 Sun servers with 216 processor cores, 864GB of working memory and 648TB of raw disk storage — along with an Oracle NoSQL database, an open-source distribution of R statistical software and a copy of Oracle’s Java HotSpot Virtual Machine. The appliance provides 40Gbps InfiniBand connectivity among the nodes, a rarity in Hadoop deployments, many of which use Ethernet to connect the nodes. Multiple racks can be tethered together in a cluster configuration, noted George Lumpkin, vice president of data warehousing product management at Oracle.

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