Beyond the Big Data Hype

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Roger Ehrenberg from IA ventures writes that Big Data hype has diluted a term that represents world-changing technology.

But since this time the term Big Data has become diluted. Very diluted. So much so that it is almost totally meaningless. Does Big Data mean new kinds of databases? Sure. Does it mean innovative ways to visualize data to create actionable intelligence? Absolutely. Can it be applied to the health care sector? Without question. Has it contributed to the rise of the Data Scientist? Mos def. The reality is that solutions for managing, analyzing, generating predictions and acting upon insights gleaned from massive amounts of data are not confined to a particular vertical or geography and span both public and private sectors. Data is everywhere, we are generating more of it, have the ability to store increasing amounts of it and it is moving at speeds that soon will approach the speed of light. This is happening. It is not my view: it is a fact. But identifying a market opportunity and capitalizing on that opportunity are different things entirely.

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