Big Data Startups Vie for IBM Global Entrepreneur Honors

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This week IBM announced that nine Big Data Startups will vie for the 2012 IBM Global Entrepreneur Honors. Seclected from nearly 1000 applicants, the nine finalists will gather with the venture capital community in San Francisco at the end of January.

The ingenuity and innovation from the startup community is key to addressing the complex challenges cities and citizens face,” said Jim Corgel, general manager of entrepreneur programs at IBM. “These nine SmartCamp finalists represent the best new technologies from around the world. We will continue to work with them to help bring their solutions to market faster so that together we can build a smarter planet.”

Each startup participating at the SmartCamp Global Finals has created software that is designed to analyze large volumes of data. The finalists are:

  • BitCarrier: BitCarrier’s traffic management solutions analyze real-time traffic information providing current travel times, estimations on congestion rates and accident alerts (winner, SmartCamp Barcelona).
  • C-B4 Context Based 4Casting: CB4 has created a context-based system for identifying and analyzing hidden data patterns in large scale data warehouses. The system is particularly suited to the retail trade and customer relations management (winner, SmartCamp Tel Aviv).
  • ConnectM: ConnectM’s machine-to-machine technology uses advanced analytics to collect information from disparate systems to provide business intelligence. The solutions are developed specifically for the telecommunications, utilities and transportation industries (winner, SmartCamp Bangalore).
  • IDXP: IDXP’s consumer behavior solution installs sensors in stores and shopping carts to help retailers understand consumer behavior in real time (winner, SmartCamp Rio de Janeiro).
  • Localytics: Localytics provides a real-time analytics service that provides makers of mobile phone and tablet applications with a better understanding of user preferences and tendencies (winner, SmartCamp New York).
  • Palmap: Palmap’s mapping solution provides mobile users with real-time information for indoor activities such as navigating airports and shopping malls (winner, SmartCamp Shanghai).
  • Profitero: Profitero helps on-line retailers maximize profits via actionable competitor analytics (winner, SmartCamp London).
  • SecureWaters: SecureWaters’ patented technology continuously monitors, detects and identifies toxins in surface water. An early warning alarm system alerts clients to potential issues (winner, SmartCamp Austin).
  • SkinScan: SkinScan’s mobile application enables users to scan the moles on their bodies to measure their skin cancer threat levels. They also offer a cloud infrastructure for medical histories of patients and doctors (winner, SmartCamp Istanbul).

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