Interview: Hadoop and NoSQLin a Big Data Environment

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In this InfoQ feature interview, Ron Bodkin of Think Big Analytics talks with Michael Floyd about the early adoption of Hadoop, NoSQL and big data technologies.

People are using Hadoop for a variety of analytics. Many of the first uses of Hadoop are complementing traditional data warehouses I just mentioned, where the goal is to take some of the pressure of the data warehouse, start to be able to process less structured data more effectively and to be able to do transformations and build summaries and aggregates, but not have to have all that data loaded to the data warehouse. But then the next thing that happens is once people have started doing that level of processing they realize there is a power of being able to ask questions they never thought of before the data, they can store all the data in small samples and they can go back and have a powerful query engine, a cluster of commodity machines that lets them dig into that raw data and analyze it new ways ultimately leading to data science being able to do machine learning and being able to discover patterns in data and keep them improving and refining the data.

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