Feds Face Big Need for More Data Scientists

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Patrick Marshall over at Government Computing News writes that the public sector is facing a growing need for data scientists.

Finding the people who can derive actionable insight from large amounts of data is a tremendous challenge,” said Michael Chui, senior analyst a McKinsey Global Institute. His team has estimated a potential gap of approximately 140,000 to 190,000 potential positions. “That suggests some interesting things from a policy standpoint. If you are a leader of a public-sector organization finding that type of talent, motivating them in retaining them will be very important for you if you’re to be able to do your job. “As a policy-maker, if you recognize this is going to be a basis of competition not only for companies but for countries it will be very important to try and make sure that we have the right policies in place so that we are educating and graduating people with these types of skills,” he said.

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