Pervasive RushAnalyzer Speed Analytics Without MapReduce Coding

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This week Pervasive released RushAnalyzer, a product designed for data scientists, business analysts and big data developers building and deploying predictive analytics solutions on multiple platforms, including Hadoop clusters, high-performance servers and desktops. Pervasive RushAnalyzer’s drag-and-drop graphical interface speeds up data preparation, with direct access to all databases and file formats, leading to simpler data manipulation, mining and visualization. In addition, prebuilt operators tackle the most demanding classification, patterning and prediction problems. The product’s dataflow architecture eliminates any memory constraints, as well as the need for separate stores before analytics are run.

The Hadoop framework is exceptionally powerful, but the skills needed to take advantage of Hadoop’s assets are in short supply. Pervasive RushAnalyzer delivers powerful performance without the need for MapReduce coding,” said Mike Hoskins, Pervasive CTO and general manager, Big Data Products and Solutions. “Businesses have been crying out for the combination of very fast, very scalable and very easy analytics solutions. Our ambition with Pervasive RushAnalyzer is to deliver ‘No Compromise Analytics’ for data scientists to model trends and discover undetected anomalies and patterns in extreme data volumes.”

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