Video: 8 Rules for Big Data

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In this video, Dr. Andreas Weigend from the Social Data Lab at Stanford University describes his 8 Rules for Big Data.

  1. Start with the problem, not with the data.
  2. Share data to get data.
  3. Align interests of all parties.
  4. Make it trivially easy for people to contribute, connect, collaborate.
  5. Base the equation of your business on customer centric metrics.
  6. Decompose the business into its “atoms”.
  7. Let people do what people are good at, and computers what computers are good at.
  8. Thou shalt not blame technology for barriers of institutions and society.

Dr. Andreas Weigend (Moderator) directs the Social Data Lab at Stanford University. He was the chief scientist at Amazon, where he drove the customer-centric and measurement-focused culture that has been central to Amazon’s success. Today Andreas speaks at top conferences around the globe, and most recently he shared his vision on the future of data at the United Nations. He’s a great speaker who challenges and inspires his audiences.

A Tip of the Hat goes to Shaun Tai for posting this video.

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