Infographic: Hadoop Most Popular Big Data Source of 2011

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Rachel King over at ZDNet writes that a new Jaspersoft report indicates that Hadoop was the most popular Big Data source in 2011. At the same time, it looks as though document-oriented NoSQL database MongoDB might be seeing the most growth.

Key findings so far in the 2012 Big Data Index indicate:

  • Over 15,000 Big Data connectors were downloaded in 2011;
  • Demand for MongoDB, the document-oriented NoSQL database, saw the biggest spike with over 200 percent growth in 2011;
  • Hadoop Hive, the SQL interface to Hadoop MapReduce, represented 60 percent of all Hadoop-based connectors;
  • Hadoop HBase, the distributed Hadoop environment, was the second most popular Hadoop-based connector;
  • Cassandra, the high availability NoSQL database, was among the top four most downloaded Big Data sources in 2011; and
  • Over 27 percent of Big Data connector downloads were for Riak, Infinispan, Neo4J, Redis, CouchDB, VoltDB or others.

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