Splunk IPO Peaks Investor Interest in Big Data

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Sarah McBride and Alistair Barr write that Splunk’s impressive debut on Nasdaq has investors suddenly paying attention to big data in a big way.

Most of the pure-play big data companies are still a couple of years away from IPOs, said Asheem Chandna at Greylock Partners, which invests in big data companies Cloudera and Sumo Logic. But he predicts stepped-up mergers and acquisitions of smaller big data companies in the short term, as well as blockbuster IPOs in the future. “We’re at the start of a decade-long run around new opportunities in big data,” he said, singling out sub-areas such as analytics, business intelligence and automated pattern detection.

Greylock Partners fields around two dozen pitches a month from big data start-ups, more than double the rate of a year ago, Chandna noted. Read the Full Story.

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