Revolution R Boosts Big Data Capabilities

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This week Revolution Analytics announced new features that deliver improved performance and scalability to its enterprise customers. According to the company, Revolution R Enterprise 6.0 can process, visualize and model terabyte-class data sets in a fraction of the time of legacy products –without requiring expensive or specialized hardware.

Revolution Analytics continues to drive innovation and revolutionize the predictive analytics industry for the enterprise,” said David Rich, Revolution Analytics CEO. “Already recognized for its speed, data capacity and price performance, we’re very excited about the enhancements to our ‘big data-ready’ R Enterprise solution. Our customers are leaders in their respective markets, and they require high-performance tools to better leverage the explosion of big data, deliver clearer results faster and improve cost-efficiency.”

New features include Platform LSF Cluster Support, Cloud-based Analytics with Azure Burst, Big-Data Generalized Linear Models, and the ability to analyze proprietary data formats without the need for SAS/SPSS licenses. Read the Full Story.

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