GraphChi Enables Big Data Graph Computing on Laptops

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John Pavlus over at Technology Review writes that computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have devised a framework for running large-scale graph computations on PCs and laptops.

While PC’s don’t have enough RAM to run large graph problems, the new software, called GraphChi, uses the system’s high capacity hard drive as virtual memory.

A researcher in computational biology could do large-scale computations on their PC; a developer working on a data-center algorithm can test it on their laptop before pushing it to the cloud,” said Carlos Guestrin, codirector of Carnegie Mellon’s Select Lab, where GraphChi was developed. “Big data is everywhere now, but some big data isn’t as big as it once was, relatively speaking. Tools like GraphChi will let many companies and startups solve all their graph-computing needs on a single machine. It’s cost effective, and it drives innovation, too.”

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