How to Bring to Bring Data Scientists Together with BI Practitioners

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James Kobielus writes that organization need to bridge the cultural divide between data scientists and traditional BI practitioners.

Yet another issue dividing these two camps is open source. The new generation of big data data scientists is far more inclined to favor Hadoop, NoSQL, R, and other open-source platforms and tools than traditional BI professionals (though open-source has certainly made inroads in that world as well). No, open vs. closed source is not a holy war in the analytics world, but it’s definitely an orientation that separates newbies from old-schoolers. As a result, data-scientist upstarts and BI stalwarts tend to have different frames of reference, speak different lingos, subscribe to different newsletters, acquire different skillsets and certifications, attend different conferences, engage with different vendors, and so on.

Kobielus goes on to say that data scientists and BI pros need to engage with each other through common collaboration tools, communities, and events. Read the Full Story.

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