Layton Examines The Top of the Big Data Stack: Database Applications

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Over at Enterprise Storage Forum, Dell’s Jeff Layton continues his series of features looking at Big Data processing components with a look at the specifically eight classes of the Application Stack, with an eye toward what they mean for data storage.

Starting at the top isn’t easy, and my original article became rather lengthy, so we broke it into three parts. The first part discusses some fundamental issues at the top of the stack, including the importance of getting the data into a storage system for use. This step is actually more important than most people realize. The article also discusses the most common tools for Big Data — NoSQL databases. At the end of the first article, these tools were broken into eight groups.

  • Wide Column Store/Column Families
  • Document Store
  • Key Value/Tuple Store
  • Graph Databases
  • Multimodel Databases
  • Object Databases
  • Multivalue databases
  • RDF databases

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