DDN Rolls Out Advanced DirectMon Storage Management Suite

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Today DDN rolled out the DirectMon Monitoring and Administration Suite, a robust centralized management solution for the company’s storage, file system, and In-Storage Processing technology. With a unified interface designed to handle all aspects of Big Data storage infrastructure administration, DDN’s DirectMon minimizes administrator overhead and provides a comprehensive framework for both real-time and predictive systems management and tuning of SAN, NAS and parallel file storage environments.

Around the world, we are seeing an extraordinary amount of investment being made to store, manage, and process the massive data sets of the Big Data era,” said Jeff Boles, Senior Analyst and Director of Validation Services, Taneja Group. “DDN was one of the first vendors to realize that Big Data is equal parts management and storage. Our research shows that Big Data customers are consistently challenged with data management as their Big Data initiatives grow. DirectMon will undoubtedly be a key tool for Big Data customers as they face inevitable future growth, and this goes hand-in-hand with DDN’s company DNA: DDN storage systems have long enabled new customers to enter into Big Data initiatives when they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise for reasons of storage complexity.”


DirectMon is immediately available for DDN’s SFA platforms, including the 6620, 10K and 12K series of products. Read the Full Story.

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