AMD Makes Big Data Play with SeaMicro Extended Fabric

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Over at Datacenter Knowledge, John Rath writes that AMD’s new SeaMicro SM 15000 servers are designed to provide ”building blocks” for Big Data. The new platform extends SeaMicro’s networking fabric beyond the chassis to connect directly to massive disk arrays, enabling a single 10 rack unit system to support more than 5 petabytes of storage.

Petabytes of low cost storage, hyper-dense energy-efficient compute, connected with a supercompute-style fabric is an architecture particularly well suited for big data analytics and Hortonworks Data Platform,” said Eric Baldeschwieler, co-founder and CTO of Hortonworks and a pioneer in Hadoop technology. “At Hortonworks, we seek to make Apache Hadoop easier to use, consume and deploy, which is in line with AMD’s goal to revolutionize and commoditize the storage and processing of big data. We are pleased to see leaders in the hardware community inventing technology that extends the reach of big data analysis.”

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