Cassandra: A Foundation for Real-time Big Data Applications at Reltio

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In this video, Manish Sood from Reltio presents: Cassandra: A Foundation for Real-time Big Data Applications at Reltio.

Reltio provides the world’s largest enterprise customers with real-time Big Data Applications that help business users understand markets, drive revenue and reduce risk through actionable, real-time and predictive insights integrated into applications and dashboards. These applications require the ability to not only handle data scale, latency, and high availability but also deliver capabilities that address reconciliation of data from multiple sources, handle multiple dimensions (various entities, relationships and interaction data) of varying complexity, with the ability to track audit and bi-temporal data. To solve this challenge, Reltio leverages Cassandra as the enabling data store for multi-tenancy, complex attribute structures, graph storage, real-time search and analytics. These capabilities are delivered as a Service to customers across verticals to address scenarios such as Extended Client views, Client experience & engagement, and Risk & Compliance.

Recorded at the Cassandra 2012 conference in Santa Clara. Download the slides (PDF).

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