Spectra Logic Rolls Out 10GbE Connectivity to Tape Solution

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Today Spectra Logic announced the introduction of support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI connectivity as an interface option for the Spectra T-Series tape libraries. Offered in partnership with Bridgeworks, the solution enables simple integration of tape systems into 10GbE SANs.

We’re excited to continue on the path of keeping tape storage systems easy to integrate in the modern data center. By supporting the Bridgeworks solution for 10GbE iSCSI connectivity to our T-series tape libraries, our customers who are designing data center solutions based on 10GbE iSCSI no longer need to maintain a FC SAN just for their tape storage system,” said Molly Rector, executive vice president of product management and worldwide marketing, Spectra Logic.

The 10GbE iSCSI to FC bridge is available for purchase through Bridgeworks. Read the Full Story.

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