Smart Grids Meet Big Data: Oncor Joins Global Intelligent Utility Network Coalition

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The world’s power grids are under tremendous stress due to continual change in the climate, consumer behavior, and political pressures. Enter IBM and their efforts to help utilities tackle these challenges using Big Data.

With that in mind, today IBM announced that Oncor, a Texas-based utility that delivers power to more than 3 million homes and businesses, has joined the Global Intelligent Utility Network Coalition. This group of utilities works to further the adoption of smarter energy grids around the world and now collectively serves more than 115 million energy consumers globally.

Adding intelligent technologies to the power delivery system is one part of a comprehensive, balanced solution to addressing our world’s energy and environmental challenges. This global coalition has accelerated our learning curve on smart grid technologies, and we look forward to this collaboration,” said Progress Energy Chairman, President and CEO Bill Johnson.

The coalition’s first collaborative effort was the creation of a Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM), a tool that benchmarks current progress and plans long term smart grid programs. More than 70 utilities have taken the SGMM assessment to date, and since the GIUNC donated the SGMM to Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute last year, it continues to be an effective method of evaluation for utilities around the world. Read the Full Story.


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