Univa Helps Archimedes Cut Hadoop Costs in Half

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Today Univa announced that Archimedes is using Grid Engine distributed resource management software to operationalize a mission critical Hadoop application and reduce operating and deployment cost by 50 percent. Archimedes is a healthcare modeling organization that takes publicly available clinical data and uses it to answer complex, vital healthcare questions for researchers, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. Through Univa’s Grid Engine unique and scalable solution, Archimedes was able to operate its Hadoop application on its current compute infrastructure, without the need to add additional resources or hardware.

Up until the time we had big data analytics, research using healthcare data took a significant amount of time and effort to analyze,” said Katrina Montinola, VP of Engineering at Archimedes. “The volume involved with big data is immense, and with the advancement of mathematics and computers, we are able to make analytical connections between data points, which may have otherwise been overlooked or minimized. With Univa Grid Engine, the complex analysis being completed by Archimedes’ solutions can be done quickly and made available to researchers and physicians in a convenient format that is informative and efficient.”

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